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Sesame Oil Chicken & Mushroom Rice

Now that most of us have started to return back to office for work, such one-pot meals cooked conveniently vis the rice cooker definitely made cooking over the weekdays more convenient and fuss free. Usually I prefer to pre-cook the aromatics separately first to bring out the flavours before stirring in the rice to let the rice cooker finish up the job. You can prepare everything quickly in 15 minutes once you reach home from work. And when the rice is cooking in the rice cooker, you can perhaps take a shower or do some cleaning up and once you […]

Stir Fry Mee Sua Noodles with Shrimps

Mee Sua, a kind of rice vermicelli that is often cooked for birthdays and longevity is usually used for soups as the texture of this noodle is such that it will turn mashy if it’s cooked for long. But some people precisely liked it for such mashy-ness as it tends to blend well with the soup and you can eat the noodles even without using chopsticks. So if you were to churn this into a stir fry, there will be an extra step of deep frying the Mee Sua in hot oil first, then loosen the noodles in boiling water […]

Old Cucumber Pork Ribs Soup

If you are doing a traditional Cantonese style of Old Cucumber Pork Ribs soup, there will be a lot more ingredients to be included in this soup. Dried seafood such as dried squids or dried scallops will be included along with some other vegetables liked corn, carrots, etc to make it really comprehensive. However for some reason, I do not really liked dried squids in soup nor do my family. We usually like to keep our home-cooked soups really simple by including the core vegetable along with a poultry such as pork ribs or chicken and with a touch of […]