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Chinese Style Steamed Egg 中式蒸滑水蛋

Think I am always a bit late in recording my recipes here. But generally I still prefer to pen down my recipes in this blog which you maybe surprised, I do refer to them more often that you could imagine. Because I do find it easier to search for my […]

Blueberry Muffins

Hands up for these awesome homebaked blueberry muffins ! Yes, you shall have my legs up too ! It’s actually quite surprising to know that for someone liked myself who do not fancy berries of any sorts, that am actually quite acceptable to blueberries in some kinds of bakes. Yes, […]

Cheesey French Toasts Sausage Rolls

Now I won’t exactly say this is a recipe to begin with. More of a breakfast idea sharing that you can enjoy making with your kids at home now. I thought it will be pretty fun to get the kids hands on in making their own breakfast and to start […]