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This is the most recent recipe shared over at Instagram ! Usually my blog posts are kind of back-dated but since this is a really awesome recipe, so I thought I should give it priority to be shared here soonest possible. And so here it comes ! The family members enjoy this Otah-Otah so much that they requested me to make more and even come out with more flavors to sell. Good things are meant to be shared and good recipes all the more so. Loved this Otah-Otah that comes with a good bout of aromatics and spice and the […]

Stir Fry Flat Rice and Yellow Noodles with Fish Slices

Have always been a huge fan of flat rice noodles which is commonly known as the Kway Teow in an Asian context. From stir fry to soups, I think literally everything that has an option of Kway Teow to choose from, it will be top on my choice. And this dish is essentially a meal that can be enjoyed at anytime of the day. In Singapore, fried kway teow mee is something that we commonly enjoyed as a breakfast menu, and when it comes to lunch, this option is also available for selection. Even when you goes back home for […]

Fermented Black Bean Chicken with Tri-Color Capsicums

Ever since my mum introduced me to using these dry fermented black beans, I’ve been using and cooking them up more often than the bottled fermented black bean sauce. One thing is that the dry beans can be readily stored for a longer period of time and secondly, I can adjust the savouriness of the seasoning sauce more easily according to my own preferences. Fermented black beans goes on well with many Chinese dishes, such as noodles, fish, chicken just to name a few. Whilst some may detest the raw smell of it, but the awesome flavors they bring to […]