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Yang Zhou Fried Rice 扬州炒饭

Honestly speaking, I think it’s quite rare to find any fried rice that’s not nice. Fried rice by itself is quite tasty and just by altering the different ingredients that go into it, we give them different names. So this Yang Zhou Fried Rice is a typical fried rice with a little more added ingredients, such as meat and in this case Char Siew or if you prefer can add some shrimps too, mixed vegetables (the frozen kind) and scrambled eggs. The addition of char siew meat with the fried rice and eggs itself makes a really good combination and […]

Fried Egg with Braised Minced Sauce

Another easier homecooked which you can whip effortlessly in minutes in this Fried Egg with Braised Minced Sauce. Eggs is quite a staple in almost most of my meals so I try to innovate ideas on how to cook eggs with different recipes so that it doesn’t get too boring just by having fried eggs itself. With a little addition of this braised sauce, the eggs dish became really delicious and savoury and it was easily polished simply with rice. Whilst I try to work on a more minimalist diet to reduce food waste, this dish definitely fits the purpose […]

Sesame Oil Chicken & Mushroom Rice

Now that most of us have started to return back to office for work, such one-pot meals cooked conveniently vis the rice cooker definitely made cooking over the weekdays more convenient and fuss free. Usually I prefer to pre-cook the aromatics separately first to bring out the flavours before stirring in the rice to let the rice cooker finish up the job. You can prepare everything quickly in 15 minutes once you reach home from work. And when the rice is cooking in the rice cooker, you can perhaps take a shower or do some cleaning up and once you […]