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Tri-Onions Stewed Chicken 三葱鸡翼

One of my favourite kinds of Chinese homecooked is a Stewed Chicken. Today I had it stewed with 3 different kinds of onions – shallots, yellow onion and spring onions. The chicken and the sauce is very fragrant and it’s the kind of dish where you can easily polish up your rice with. I even had extra of it freeze up so that it can be easily re-heated or microwave on busy days to enjoy. After stewing in the sauce, the onions become very tasty as it absorbs all the flavours from the seasoning. It’s a simple Chinese homecooked that […]

Salmon and Potatoes Patties 三文鱼马铃薯饼

These patties taste really awesome ! The salmon flakes, potatoes chunks along with diced carrots, onions and sweet corns combination turn out to be surprisingly good. I actually managed to finish a few of these Salmon and Potatoes Patties in one go. Only a few simple ingredients are required and the whole process is pretty much a breeze ! Just mix everything together, mold them into patties and fried them completely. The most cautious part of the cooking will probably be the frying part as there’s a tendency for the patties to break apart when frying. To overcome this, make […]

Kampung Fried Rice 甘榜炒饭

Trying out a new variation of fried rice and this was really good ! I blended my own chili paste which is quite the essence for this dish and added long beans and kang kong vegetables which traditionally should be included as well and I was pleasantly surprised at the turnout. The fried rice was very tasty and though the chili paste might seem spicy at a glance but after frying with the rice, it turns out to be very moderate spicy and was very delicious. Initially I was still a a bit skeptical at the addition of the water […]