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Vegan Styled Char Kway Teow (Stir Fry Flat Rice Noodles)

Once in a while, I liked to go vegan ! And making it a point to do it once or twice in a month if I can. And this time with a vegan styled char kway teow. It was quite delicious though even without the eggs, meat or pork lard. A different kind of delicious, I would say. I dunked it wholesomely with fried tofu, lots of beansprouts and green vegetables and served it with some diced chilies padi at the end of it. The cooking of the dish itself was quite speedy. The only time consuming part was panfrying […]

Chilli Fishcake Balls

Why I choose to call these fishcake balls is because they are simply a hybrid of fishballs, meatballs and fishcake. They aren’t exactly fishballs to begin with because I’ve added minced meat to them and they aren’t meatballs either as it contains both additional fish and prawn meat. But the texture of it feels like an in-between of the fishballs and fishcake, and so that’s how the term fishcake balls come about ! While I understand traditional fishball use typically yellowtail fish, I used barramundi fish for this recipe and also feel that any white fish slice would suffice as […]

Steamed Egg with Fish Slices

A one-plate steamed dish today with egg, fish slices and luncheon meat ! You can refer to the post here for a precise reiteration on how to churn up a good steamed egg. This is after countless experiments of mine though. So hope it helps ! And to cut the story short today, this supposedly steamed dish idea evolves from one of the dishes I had at the mixed vegetables rice stall previously. It was a Chinese steamed egg with luncheon meat stuffed in between and I thought it was really good. So to facilitate the idea further, I added […]