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Steamed Tofu with Century Egg and Meat Floss

A simple and healthy dish that packs a punch. The tofu is steamed with century egg before topping with a savoury sauce and drizzle with meat floss and garnish with colours using green spring onions and red wolfberries. There’s also another way to enjoy this dish is to skip the steaming of the tofu and simply just drizzle the hot sauce over if you don’t mind to enjoy the tofu as it is. But since I prefer the dish warm, so I did the extra step of steaming the tofu with century egg first. The white, black, brown, red and […]

Golden Egg Tofu with Minced, Carrots and Mushrooms

This is an excellent dish to go along with rice ! As the name implies, it comprises of almost everything that you need in a one-plate meal so you literally don’t need anymore other dishes for the meal. The most tedious part is the pan-frying of tofu as tofu has a high water content, hence they tend to have oil splatters whenever frying. It is highly recommended to use egg tofu in tube form as they have lesser water content and to pat them dry with some paper towels before pan-frying. On my records, there are quite a fair bit […]

Yang Zhou Fried Rice 扬州炒饭

Honestly speaking, I think it’s quite rare to find any fried rice that’s not nice. Fried rice by itself is quite tasty and just by altering the different ingredients that go into it, we give them different names. So this Yang Zhou Fried Rice is a typical fried rice with a little more added ingredients, such as meat and in this case Char Siew or if you prefer can add some shrimps too, mixed vegetables (the frozen kind) and scrambled eggs. The addition of char siew meat with the fried rice and eggs itself makes a really good combination and […]