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Stir Fry Beansprouts with Scallions and Chilies

This isn’t any specialty dish or recipe but instead a very down-to-earth and homely fare which we usually enjoy with Teochew Mui (Chinese plain porridge). And for those who loved a good vegetarian dish too, this will fit the bill too. In fact if you were to be cooking a whole big bunch of it, you probably can enjoy it alone as a main course too. The scallions and chilies pack a good bunch of flavour and spice into the dish and with some easy and light seasoning, it’s yet another comfort and very affordable Chinese homecooked dish which pack […]

Salmon and Vegetables Cream Stew

Can’t imagine it’s already the first month end of 2021 already ! Time certainly flies liked nobody’s business in a pandemic. And I still have some backlog of recipes yet to be posted here. Let me start off the year with a rich and creamy stew liked such before we head for more Chinese homecooked dishes later on. I had on hand a pack of cooking cream earlier which was intended for other purpose but the plan was changed last minute (as usual) so decide to utilize it in this dish for something different. This dish packs a good amount […]

Creamy Salted Egg Yolk Chicken

Happy New Year in advance to all. Has been such a hectic year end for me, and only got down to power up my laptop today. Guess this shall be my last blog post for the year even though there are still a couple of recipes that I’ve wanted to share. I shall try to upload all the backlog soon and hopefully also find time to try out new recipes which I’ve been pretty much lagging behind. Coming back to this creamy salted egg yolk chicken from the archives, I had a previous recipe which is the Salted Yolk Yolk […]