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Pandan & Peanut Tang Yuan (Glutinous Rice Balls) in Ginger Soup

It’s the 7th day of the Chinese New Year which is known as 人日 and also the day where it’s everyone’s birthday. So Happy Birthday to All ! Most people will probably do a typical thing, that’s to gather around for another round of festive “Lou Hei” but for me, I find comfort in a warm and harmonious bowl of these homemade tang yuan in a soothing sweet ginger soup. So my mum ask me how I manage to get the peanut fillings in without breaking the skin of the glutinous rice balls. And guess what’s my answer. Well I […]

Dry Mee Siam

We often had the Mee Siam in its thick sourish, spicy gravy which makes it really appetising. You can find my cooked-from-scratch recipe here. Nevertheless, that’s also this dry version which comes without any gravy but instead having the Mee Siam flavours embedded in the stir-fry vermicelli itself. In the same sourish and spicy taste, but without any sauce and likened it to a similar dry-fried noodles instead. An instant Mee Siam paste is used for this to cut some slack and speed up the process. And with an abundance of beansprouts and vegetables, it makes a very delish and […]

Fish Fillets in Spicy Garlic Sauce

The official 2 days of the CNY is over in a blink of the eyes and with much of the hotpot ingredients leftover, I decide to use one of the item – the fish slices to come up with this Fish Fillets in Spicy Garlic Sauce. It has a very nice aroma with the use of garlics, chilies, curry leaves and evaporated milk incorporated in the sauce. What’s more the leftover fish slices are well marinated and deep fried prior to use which makes them very succulent. You can use any type of white fish slices for this whilst I […]