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Salt and Pepper Fried Fish

The lazy vibes in me has been pretty dominant recently. So much so that this is a rare chance that you actually caught me cooking this dish which involves some deep frying efforts now ! But glad to say no regrets there because the dish was really good and also […]

Ginger Soya Chicken

Can’t imagine we are already in August for year 2020 already. Stepping into the 5th month of the Work-From-Home regime has definitely benefited me much. To be honest, I am getting so used to this WFM thingy that I can’t imagine myself waking up at 6ish-am in the mornings anymore, […]

Pulled Pork Fried Noodles

With the earlier post of an Asian Pull Pork recipe, the leftover of the pulled pork was conveniently and deliciously transformed into an Asian Pulled Pork Fried Noodles the following day. The pulled pork blended very well with the noodles and it was seemingly an awesome match nevertheless. Now besides […]