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“Ah Kun” Style Kaya Butter Toasts

Those who reside in Singapore should be familiarize with “Ah Kun 亚坤” which boost of an old school Kaya Butter Toasts and local coffee chain of food stores that you can literally find in every estate. I’ve always been a huge fan of such toasts since Kaya jam is probably the only kind of jam that I’ve ever liked. The “Ah Kun” style of Kaya Butter toasts is made up of 2 thinly sliced old school Hainanese loaf bread before sandwiching with cold butter and kaya jam. So technically, this isn’t much of any recipe to share. However attempts to […]

Braised Chicken with Potatoes

A long-awaited blog post to get everything sort out to be posted here ! So much things to do yet so little time and I really wish there’s more “out-of-office” time to do up more things. But before that, let’s enjoy this really awesome Braised Chicken with Potatoes that was served up with plain porridge ! Chinese style braised chicken are generally easy to whip up which you can rarely go wrong with the standard seasoning of oyster sauce, light and dark soya sauce, a pinch of sugar and touch of pepper to balance up the flavors. And to make […]

Stir Fry Beansprouts with Scallions and Chilies

This isn’t any specialty dish or recipe but instead a very down-to-earth and homely fare which we usually enjoy with Teochew Mui (Chinese plain porridge). And for those who loved a good vegetarian dish too, this will fit the bill too. In fact if you were to be cooking a whole big bunch of it, you probably can enjoy it alone as a main course too. The scallions and chilies pack a good bunch of flavour and spice into the dish and with some easy and light seasoning, it’s yet another comfort and very affordable Chinese homecooked dish which pack […]