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Stir Fry Glass Noodles with Mushrooms & Minced Meat

Happy New Year 2024 ! Time flies during Covid and times flies even faster after Covid. Felt pretty unproductive in cooking and baking in 2023 as was too occupied in checking off my bucket list during the year. Nevertheless this year shall be better as I have decided to just take things slow and focus more on what I love to do most, and this is one of it. Glass noodles, our so-called Tang Hoon in Hokkien dialect or 冬粉. It has a chewy and smooth texture after cooking and I would address this dish as a hybrid version of […]

San Lou Hor Fun 三捞河粉

Always love a good Hor Fun but it can be quite challenging to cook this at home because of the lack of “wok hei” or 锅气, the typical charred-ness required of Hor Fun to be considered it tasty as the flame of heat from our stove at home is weaker than the one at the commercial stores. However this San Lou Hor Fun is slightly different as it does not necessary need the Hor Fun to be “charred” to be tasty. The gist of this dish comes from the “San Lou” which I believe it involves the cooking of the […]

Mee Tai Bak Noodles in Mushroom Thick Soup with Meatballs

Although Christmas is not here yet but I am sure many of us, especially the old folks have started to stock up for Chinese New Year. That said, meatballs that are purchased off the shelves are a common sight in many of the Asian households as I would say they are quite an essential when we have hotpot during the festive. And every year without fail, excess stock up tends to happen as the older generation feels that the fridge need to be pack to the brim in order to enjoy a “prosperous” Lunar New Year. My favourite brand of […]