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Spanish Mackerel Fish Balls Soup

The mackerel fish is utilised to the maximum in this dish with the fish meat for the fishballs and the fish bones for the soup. Though this is not the official type of fish to be used in the commercial fishballs that we often patronised, but the natural taste and freshness of the fishball soup made from scratch is something that we probably unable to find elsewhere. I used Tianjin Preserved vegetables 天津冬菜 to season the soup itself with a touch of light soya sauce to enhance the flavour and the rest of it comes purely from the fish bones. […]

Festive Meatballs in Cream Sauce

Prepped up a Christmas recipe using my new cookware from Modori ! And it’s none other than the new Goodle Collection which comes in a 24cm frying pan, an 18cm sauce pan, a 28-cm wok and a square or rather rectangular egg pan. Wholly made in Korea, this new series of cookware from Modori comes in a sleek black colour with wooden handles and cover knobs. So I started off the usage with the 24cm frying pan as it looks really presentable serving these meatballs in cream sauce with the pan itself, saving the hassle of plating. Some personal opinions […]

Country Style Chicken Stew

A tomato based chicken stew that packs a punch because a good abundance of vegetables such as celery, tomatoes, carrots, onions and potatoes are used for the stew ! And coupled with the chicken pieces, this dish can be easily polished away with rice, pasta or even bread. If you are tired of all the roast stuffs for Christmas already, this hearty recipe can certainly bring you some healthy comfort. I used a fresh whole kampong chicken for the stew which hence makes it all the more better. It has that bit of sweetness coupled with some sourish-ness from the […]