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Egg Fried Rice with Burger Patty Onigirazu

Made this rather fusion Onigirazu recently which comprises of an Asian Egg fried rice which you can get the recipe here with a store bought chicken burger patty sandwiched between an egg omelette and blanched spinach. In reality, I was trying to utilize the burger patty which has been sitting […]

Mee Hoon Kueh Soup 面粉粿汤

Recently I made this Mee Hoon Kueh soup which was really easy and delicious. Basically it’s a dough made of flour and water and pinching them into smaller pieces to go along with a soup with vegetables and some minced meat. Some readers have also told me to add an […]

Vegetarian Hotplate Tofu 斋铁板豆腐

Commonly found in Singapore’s heartlands and neighborhoods are various coffee shops where you can find many individual food stalls selling various kinds of local delicacies under one roof. And a so-called Zhi Char stall is one of such stall commonly found. The name so called is translated from Hokkien which […]