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Quick Fix Meal – Seafood Fried Rice

HB will be back late today. So I prepared a super quick fix dinner – Seafood Fried Rice. There’s nothing special about this, except that I read from somewhere in the internet that with the inclusion of some “fish sauce”, fried rice will taste better. Also, the chef at HB’s canteen ever told me that salt instead of light soy sauce works better in fried rice. Indeed, these two combi makes more fragrant fried rice than those that I have cooked last time.                          

Walnut Brownie

    I used the chocolate left over from the fondue to make this. It’s a simple recipe with no mixer needed. Walnuts are optional for a crunchier taste. Serve it warm with a dollop of ice-cream and it’s simply heavenly ! Happened to have some leftover grapes so decided to top it with these fruits. Surprisingly, the combination turns out to be great too !   Recipe adapted from Joy of Baking at (Makes 16 brownies)   Ingredients : ************* 140g semi-sweet/bitter-sweet chocolated, chopped 113g unsalted butter, cut into pieces 2 tbsp cocoa powder 200g sugar 1 tsp […]


  I love the shape of these cute little bakes. In fact, I was quite surprised at the beautiful shapes that these turn out. And best of all, I bought the madeleines moulds from DAISO at $2 only and it works perfectly well. Just that the mould pan is rather small, allows only for 8 madeleines each time. So I got to repeat the baking several times before all batter are used up. I wanted to go DAISO again to purchase another mould pan so that I can put in 2 pans into the oven at one go. But DAISO no longer sells […]