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Walnut Brownie

    I used the chocolate left over from the fondue to make this. It’s a simple recipe with no mixer needed. Walnuts are optional for a crunchier taste. Serve it warm with a dollop of ice-cream and it’s simply heavenly ! Happened to have some leftover grapes so decided to top it with these fruits. Surprisingly, the combination turns out to be great too !   Recipe adapted from Joy of Baking at (Makes 16 brownies)   Ingredients : ************* 140g semi-sweet/bitter-sweet chocolated, chopped 113g unsalted butter, cut into pieces 2 tbsp cocoa powder 200g sugar 1 tsp […]


  I love the shape of these cute little bakes. In fact, I was quite surprised at the beautiful shapes that these turn out. And best of all, I bought the madeleines moulds from DAISO at $2 only and it works perfectly well. Just that the mould pan is rather small, allows only for 8 madeleines each time. So I got to repeat the baking several times before all batter are used up. I wanted to go DAISO again to purchase another mould pan so that I can put in 2 pans into the oven at one go. But DAISO no longer sells […]

Ham & Cheese Quiche

    I missed this lesson during baking class as I wasn’t in Singapore. But nevertheless, I tried out the recipe by myself. Everything turns out fine and good ! Except for the crust which can be thinner, the filling is great for a quiche and the ham and cheese combi are just my favourites. I have ran out of mushrooms then so had to do without them. Personally I feel that anything with warm melted cheese tastes good, be it lasagne, baked rice or good pizza. So this quiche is an addition to my list of cheesey delights. HB […]