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Quick Fix Meal – Chicken Curry

Another quick fix meal ! Using instant curry paste, add chicken, potatoes and coconut milk in accordance to the instructions on the packaging. Instant curry paste can be bought from any supermarkets. It’s fast and easy and you can get good chicken curry simmering in less than half an hour. Perfect for people like us who do not have time to cook after a day’s work ! To enhance favour, curry leaves, lemon grass, a dash of ginger, garlic and onion powder can be added. These spices can be purchased in their ready powder form at any spices store ~ saves time on pounding these veges !    

New York Cheesecake

    Actually did not want to post this up because the picture was not well taken. It was a night bake and I had to leave the cake in the fridge overnight. So the picture was taken in the wee hours of the morning when I am still extremely sleepy but had to cut the cake for HB to take away as his breakfast. Luckily the cake was good and HB likes it very much.  Recipe adapted from <Cheesecake> by Kevin Chai Ingredients : ************************** Base 160g crushed marie biscuits 80g melted butter Filling 500g cream cheese 120g sugar […]

Cherry Cheesecake

  To finish up the cherries at home, here’s another cherry bake. HB likes it as he is a great fan of alcoholic cakes. But as I do not have cherry brandy, I have replaced it with Grand Marnier instead. It turns out to be equally fine. Recommended for those who loves alcoholic bakes. Recipe adapted from <my favourite Dainty Desserts> by Kevin Chai   Ingredients : ************** Cake 120g sponge mix 2 eggs 2 tbsp water 2 tbsp melted butter   Cream Cheese 100g cream cheese 20g sugar 1 tsp gelatine powder 30ml milk 100g dark cherry (blended) 60g fresh cream (whipped) […]