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Tropical Chiffon Cake

 I seem to be crazy about chiffon cake recently. Haha ! Try out a new favour today. A tropical taste of coconut and pineapple with a twinge of coffee.   Recipe adapted from <Chiffon Cake is Done> by Kevin Chai Ingredients : ***************** Coconut Egg Yolk Batter 3 egg yolks 2 tbsp cooking oil 60ml coconut […]

[Recipe] Mango Muffins

There are some super ripe mangoes in the fridge today. So here come some mango muffins ! This is my first time baking fresh mangoes in the oven ! Most of the times, mangoes are used to make mango mousse or pudding or some kind of sweet dessert. Surprisingly, they turn out […]

Quick Fix Meal – Chicken Curry

Another quick fix meal ! Using instant curry paste, add chicken, potatoes and coconut milk in accordance to the instructions on the packaging. Instant curry paste can be bought from any supermarkets. It’s fast and easy and you can get good chicken curry simmering in less than half an hour. Perfect for people like […]