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Pound Cake (with Mixed Fruits)

Tis the season to be jolly ~ Lalalala La La La La La~ Mixed Fruits Pound for Christmas ~ but actually it’s more that I need to use up the mixed fruits in the fridge which have been lying there for sometime already. Heehee. This is originally a pound cake […]

Marching Parade & Chinatown @ Brisbane City – Day VIII

Today is the last day of the holidays, considering we are flying back tomorrow. Was lucky enough to witness the marching parade of the Aussie soldiers just outside our hotel. Not exactly sure what’s the occasion but from the news, it could be that they are finally back after their […]

Brisbane City and Southbank – Day VII

Since there was no itinerary today, so we headed to the Botanic Gardens which is around 20 minutes walk from our hotel. It’s not a very big garden but since the weather is quite alright, this morning walk is quite a breeze.                  […]