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Quick Fix Meal – Stir Fried Baby Kailan

There’s nothing special about this dish. Rather, it’s quite a no-brainer. Just stir fried some garlic, add in the prawns and mushrooms, followed by the vege and seasoning and fried till cooked. But just to mention how such a vege dish, an egg and a soup can be made ready for a 2 persons’ dinner in […]

Watercress Soup

Although home-made soups does not belong to quick fix catergory, but with the creation of many effective home appliaces, tasty home-made soups can still be made available for busy working class people. Before I bought the slow cooker, I never had the chance to prepare any home-made soups. As we […]

Quick Fix Meal – Steamed Egg with Minced Meat

I am back to cooking dinner again ! As usual, I am always in search of quick fix meals because by the time we got back home from work, we can only prepare “fast food” so that our dinner does not become our supper ! Egg is a fast prepared […]