Members of EWT

So who make up EWT ???

Here are the “honorable” members of the team :~

the food Eater

~ I am the least fussy eater in the world, anything that can be swallow can be my food. Except for grapes and mushroom, which I think caused quite a stir in my tummy the last time I chew upon them. Now I am smart to stay clear of these food. Other than that, papers, especially soft tissues, are my favorites. I simply don’t understand why MAN always throw them into the dustbins when they can give them to me as delectable treats. What a waste. But sometimes I do manage to grab one of such when it drops from the sky. That’s when MAN will start to play “Catching” with me. I think MAN should be glad to have me because I NEVER waste food. Food is my life, my love, my everything. MAN, just give me lotsa foods everyday, preferably with variety and I will be glad to be your lovely companion for your entire life. I am that simple a dog. :)

the food Whisperer

~ Although food is not my first passion, but coincidentally venture out from the Food Industry donkey years back and since then, Food has become my livelihood. And well, the ability to survive in the F&B industry for almost 2 decades already, though I won’t dare to call myself an expert in food products yet,  I am definitely not a noob. I can be quite a fussy eater at times, though I have a penchant for most things chocolates, ice cream and fattening foods. Just look at my fluctuating waistline for the past years, they are a true reflection of my life stories yeah. On a good note, I am the food connoisseur for the wife’s bakes but in other words, I am also a guinea pig for her failures. Recall the countless times though…. Opps…. Bear in mind all, I do cook some of the foods posted here…. I can be quite a good cook at times too, especially when I put down my heart to doing it. I am better than the Woman@Home at times !!

the food Thinker

~ I am the thinker who thinks of what to eat, thinks of what to bake, thinks of what to cook , thinks of what to blog, thinks of what to write. Further to that, I still have to consider what the food Eater can eat, what the food Whisperer likes and whether me, the food Thinker’s ability to achieve all that. So I am the last person in the list to compile all the needs of the team members and implement them. I think I play the most important role in the EWT Team coz the food Eater eats only, the food Whisperer commands only BUT it’s me the food Thinker who got to do all the dirty job. I deserves the most credit of all, don’t you all agree ??!! Anyway, I am the peacemaker among all the members. I am neither non-fussy nor too fussy, basically the easiest to please. You heard that, Man ??!! So to all readers : Please don’t be amazed at the weird combination of our team members, and I certainly hope you had an enjoyable time viewing our little blog space and hopefully sharing it with your loved ones !!


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