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Eat what tonight ? The question that I forever asking myself. The question your dinner mate is bound to ask.

Everyday we are cracking our heads on what we want to eat. Searching our cravings on a daily basis.  And when there are days when we have absolutely no cravings, we will ponder for a good 20 minutes before ‘anyhow’ deciding. It’s really a “painstaking” decision sometimes. And there are days where we need to be budget constraint. And there are days we need to be health conscious. And there are days where our dinners become suppers. And there is the weather and transportation constraint as well. Aiyoh.. so many factors to consider, just to fill up the tummy with one meal.

Still, it’s a blessing to be able to enjoy food in the comfort of the local environment compared to many third world countries where food is scarcely available. We really shouldn’t be lamenting so much about food decisions, isn’t it ?


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  1. Hey there,
    I’ve found your blog through omyblog, and just wanted to say what a cute blog I think you have here. Your recipes look really great!
    I just started a blog myself and would love it if you’d stop by!

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