My No-Holds-Barred Review of Modori Goodle Knife Set

Adding to my Modori Goodle Cookware is this all new Knife Set that presents itself as a sleek and functional display piece on the kitchen tabletop. What I so liked about this knife set is the 180-degree rotating knife holder that allows the knife set to be “concealed” as a beautiful display in the kitchen when not in use. For safety reasons and more especially so when there are kids at home, sharp objects liked kitchen knives may not be ideal to be displayed openly in the kitchen space. However with this “conceal” feature, kitchen knives can now be accessible within reach and yet at the same time make the cooking area visually safer, neater and more minimalist looking.

I once had a wooden knives holder and had a horrible experience as the wood starts to corrode and small roaches start to seep within the holes in the wood as they are inaccessible to be clean. So when I set my eyes upon this Modori Goodle Knife set, I thought it meet my expectations very well as the knife holder has large ventilation holes with the base being full detachable that allows for easy cleaning and drying which makes it a huge plus point.

Comprising of 4 different kitchen knives within the set is the Chef Knife, Kitchen Knife, Utility Knife and Fruit Knife. And for me, these basically covers all the functions I need for the entire purpose of kitchen knives. My most-used so far shall be the Chef Knife, which can goes beyond cutting fruits and vegetables and even poultry with a single cut or slice simply because it is made from high-quality grade of German stainless steel that keeps its blade sharper for a longer period of time, saving up much efforts for knives polishing which can be such a chore if you are used to manual sharpening like myself.

As for the kitchen knife, I see it as a smaller version of the Chinese cleaver which is pretty good for smashing garlics, pounding meat or cutting bulky fruits. The utility knife on the other hand, is really useful for slicing breads and hamburger buns as it leaves very minimal crumbs after cutting. I attribute this to the true sharpness of the long serrated knife which is often lacking in other bread knives.

The most important factor of any kitchen knife at least to me, is the knife grip which can easily make or break any cooking preparation job. The grip has to firm and solid without it being slippery especially when your hands are wet. I am glad that these Modori kitchen knives are able to serve this purpose well as the grip is well fitted to the contours of the hand and I am able to manage a good grip on the these knives without them slipping away easily when in use.

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