Stir Fry Flat Rice and Yellow Noodles with Fish Slices

Have always been a huge fan of flat rice noodles which is commonly known as the Kway Teow in an Asian context. From stir fry to soups, I think literally everything that has an option of Kway Teow to choose from, it will be top on my choice. And this dish is essentially a meal that can be enjoyed at anytime of the day. In Singapore, fried kway teow mee is something that we commonly enjoyed as a breakfast menu, and when it comes to lunch, this option is also available for selection. Even when you goes back home for dinner, this dish will appear at times too as it makes an easy one-pan meal.

Whilst you can commonly have it plain for breakfast with top up of instant fried foods, this version of adding fish slices to it is a healthier version and would certainly perks up the appetite instantly. With just an extra step of pre-marinating the fish and panfrying them, the little extra effort enhances this common dish to a more enjoyable one for sure.

Stir Fry Flat Rice and Yellow Noodles with Fish Slices

Recipe by Eat What TonightCourse: MainCuisine: ChineseDifficulty: Easy


Prep time


Cooking time




  • 170g yellow noodles

  • 170g kway teow (flat rice noodles)

  • 1 tbsp minced garlic

  • 2 tbsp cooking oil

  • 2 sprigs spring onions (separate white parts from green)

  • 7-8 pcs batang fish slices (marinate with a little salt, sugar, shaoxing wine and corn flour)

  • Some fishcakes, sliced

  • Some green vegetables

  • Some beansprouts

  • Dash of fish sauce

  • For Seasoning:
  • 2 tbsp kecap mani (ABC sweet sauce)

  • 2 tsp light soya sauce

  • 2 tsp dark soya sauce

  • 1 1/2 tsp sugar

  • Pinch of pepper

  • To serve with:
  • Chilies, diced


  • Heat up a little oil and panfry fish slices until cooked. Dish and set side.
  • Use remaining oil and saute garlics and white parts of spring onions until fragrant.
  • Add in noodles and kway teow.
  • Add in all the rest of the seasoning and stir fry on high heat until all evenly browned.
  • Add in fish cakes, beansprouts, green parts of spring onions and vegetables. Stir fry until all vegetables withered.
  • Add in fish slices before finishing off with a dash of fish sauce. Off flame and serve hot immediately.


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