Supreme Soy Sauce Fried Noodles with Shrimps

Loved a good chow mien anytime and has been cooking this numerous times and has not gotten tired of it still. Am essentially those that can eat the same food over and over again if it’s nice and good, especially homecooked ones ! So this time, did a slight variation of the Supreme Soy Sauce Fried Noodles by adding some shrimps to it instead of the usual meaty affairs and it was as good as it can be too !

And sharing this awesome and fuss free recipe here which is really quite fool proof, trial and tasted several times with many people and so far the feedback has been pretty encouraging which is almost liked restaurant standard too but without all the MSG ! Hope you will like this recipe too !

Supreme Soy Sauce Fried Noodles with Shrimps

Recipe by Eat What Tonight


Prep time


Cooking time




  • 1 serving of dry hk noodles⁣

  • 4-5 shrimps (marinate with pinch of salt, freshly grind black pepper and 1 tsp corn flour)⁣

  • 2 dry mushrooms (soaked in water till soften, sliced and reserve mushroom water)⁣

  • A handful of beansprouts, green vegetables⁣

  • 2 tsp minced garlic⁣

  • 1 tsp minced ginger⁣

  • 1/4 onion, sliced⁣

  • 2 tbsp cooking oil⁣

  • Seasoning:
  • 80-90ml mushroom water⁣

  • 1 tbsp oyster sauce⁣

  • 1 tbsp light soya sauce⁣

  • 1.5 tsp dark soya sauce⁣

  • 1 tsp sugar⁣

  • 1 tsp sesame oil⁣

  • Pinch of pepper⁣

  • To serve with:
  • Some diced chillies

  • Some fried shallots


  • Cook noodles in boiling water till soften. Drain and add noodles to ice water and drain again before use.⁣
  • Heat up 1 tbsp oil and panfry prawns till cooked. Remove and set aside.⁣
  • Add another tbsp oil to pan and saute garlics, ginger and onions till fragrant. Add sliced mushrooms.⁣
  • Add noodles and seasoning. Stir fry to mix well. Cover pan and allow the noodles to simmer in the seasoning sauce briefly.⁣
  • Add beansprouts and green vegetables. Adjust with more mushroom water if the seasoning sauce is drying up.⁣
  • When the green vegetables has withered, add in the prawns.⁣ Remove from heat when the seasoning sauce is almost dried up. Serve hot immediately.

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