12 Minced Recipes for Chinese New Year


Ngoh Hiang / Meatballs 五香肉丸 is something that most of us will have during the Lunar Chinese New Year. In Mandarin, we commonly called 肉丸 as 肉圆 too. Hence, it symbolizes a “团团圆圆” significance which meant that every household and family will come together and be in reunion during this festive.  

The traditional Ngoh Hiang, as we all knew, is a good combination of stuffed minced wrapped in a beancurd skin and deep fried till golden brown. However, to give this traditional dish a little twist, here’s a compilation on how you can used the same minced combination and present the traditional outlook of it in 12 various ways ! 

Hope this gives everyone some inspiration to cook up something awesome during this CNY ! ^-^

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