12 Fish Recipes for Everyday Cooking

Be it from steamed, braised to fried, from mackerel, barramundi, pomfret to cod fish, these 12 recipes compilation here are some of my favourites which are easy to follow through and trial and tasted delicious. And for sure, there are more to be found in this blog but streamlining some into this post for your easy reference. They are not listed in any particular preference, so take time to feast through them !

  1. Steamed Mackerel Fish with Salted Soy Beans

Loved a good steamed fish anytime and this one with Salted Soy Beans is a traditional Chinese favourite in many Asian households.

2. Salt and Pepper Fish

This salt and pepper fish is a easy deep-fried which taste absolutely delicious even after it has cooled down. The batter is just right for the fish coating and paired with tender barramundi slices, it made this dish all the way more tantalising.

3. Shredded Ginger and Dark Soya Fish

May not looked good in presentation but the fried ginger shreds and dark soya combination matches up to a succulent and tasty Chinese homecooked that pairs up ideally with some plain porridge or our so-called Teochew Mui.

4. Steamed Fish Slices with Mushrooms and Spicy Turnips

Prepped this as a festive fish because of the brilliant outlook of it. Carrots, mushrooms and turnips with fish slices make a simple yet yummy-licious dish which can be enjoyed as an everyday dish too as if with all steamed dishes.

5. Chinese Styled Steamed Pomfret Fish

You can never go wrong with a whole Pomfret Fish steamed whether it is the traditional Teochew way, or one that encompasses only your favourite ingredients.

6. Fish Fillets With Bittergourd in Black Bean Sauce

If you dislike bittergourd on its own liked me, this dish probably will change your mind. Cooking it with the fish in black bean sauce totally overrule the bitter-ness of the vegetable itself.

7. Spring Onion Ginger Fish Fillets

You can never go wrong with this homely staple with spring onion and ginger. Always an all-time favourite too from the local Zhi Char or Mixed vegetables rice stall anytime.

8. Grilled Cod Fish in Garlic Crisps and Oyster Sauce

Such a penchant for cod fish anytime. The meat is so succulent and tender that any form of cooking goes well with it, and more especially so when it is in a thick groovy oyster sauce.

9. Village Style Braised Fish with Fermented Black Beans

Traditional way of braising the fish in fermented black beans is this country style dish that uses pomfret fish. Has a good savouriness that probably will keep you wanting for more.

10. Root Beer Battered Fish And Chips

Replace the “root” and you get a beer battered Fish and Chips ! But else, all things remain the same. No one drinks in the family so ya, root beer is made kids-friendly then !

11. Sweet and Sour Fish

Maybe not the most authentic Sweet and Sour Fish recipe there since sweet and sour sauce can be readily purchased all over the place. But nothing beats making one from scratch.

12. Assam Curry Fish

Wanted to include 10 favourites here only but there are simply too many to include. So let’s make it a dozen with this. Sourish, tangy and savoury Assam Curry Fish with batang fish instead of fish head makes everything much easier to enjoy anytime.


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