The Best Coffee Subscriptions in Singapore

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Whether you drink it first thing in the morning, or after a nice breakfast with pancakes, there is no doubt that coffee is a “staple” in the modern human diet. However, with all the lockdowns happening around the world, and the Corona emergency hitting even our dear Singapore, going to your favorite coffee shop is out of the question. 

This is where subscription-based coffee services come to the rescue, as a way to get your favorite cup of drink without ever leaving your house. Without further ado, here’s our list of coffee bean subscription services in Singapore.

Hook Coffee

The specialty blends you can find at Hook Coffee won’t burn a hole in anyone’s pocket, even if you don’t know anything about coffee preparation, or the jargon that follows it. Names here are all somewhat tongue-in-cheek. Their huge range of choices offers tastes from earl grey to watermelon candy, followed by acidity rankings, roast dates, and origin.

You can also order their limited edition roasts, although they are seasonal. Subscription prices range broadly, depending on your choice, and you will be able to easily adjust their frequency.

Cowpresso From Singapore

If you’re one of those people who can’t decide easily on coffee flavour, Cowpresso will surprise you. Literally. Besides its standard subscription service, the business offers surprise plans, if that’s your thing. Depending on the frequency of the delivery you’ve selected, for SGD$14, the company will send you a 250g coffee bag with a new flavour at each delivery. A surprise in a bag every time!

Their team is made up of baristas, artisans, photojournalists and coffee roasters – possibly the best recipe for a great cup of coffee! Besides delivering only quality within 2 to 7 days after their roasting, they have free shipping across Singapore. If you want to experiment a bit more, you can find more coffee subscriptions here.


Tying together famous Melbourne coffee shops like Market Lane, Seven Seeds, and Industry Beans, all while bringing them closer to their fans in Singapore, Cafebond is an eCommerce platform where you can purchase different fancy coffee beans from 14 of the coffee’s unofficial capital most popular cafes.

Besides these cafes’ signature blends, the website has a varying selection of single-origin beans from coffee farms all over the globe – you can choose from over 50 blends created for both filter prep and espresso methods. Unfortunately, cafebond has a flat shipping rate of $10 per order since the coffee is shipped from Melbourne once a week.

Perk Coffee From Singapore

The company is known for sourcing the majority of its beans from developing nations in Africa and South America – all ethnically and ethically grown, sourced and roasted. It all began when a couple – Serena and Paul – met and fell in love with… coffee plantations in Africa. Paul is a farmer and makes sure that Perk’s coffee beans are of specialty grade – 100% Arabica.

Its flavour is more of a fruity and nutty kind. Since the menu changes with seasons, you can select from a collection of single-origins or blends, and even darker roasts if you like a stronger brew. As they roast locally every Tuesday, Perk coffee is delivered on a roast-to-order basis within 48 hours. All in order to make sure that your coffee comes with optimal freshness.

As a subscriber, you will have the option of selecting how you would like your coffee beans done:

  • Drip bags,
  • Whole bean,
  • Ground,
  • Or pods.

For SGD$19 for two 125g packs or SGD$18 for a single 250g pack, you will have the much-needed flexibility on how regular you would like to get your coffee – on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

Joe Curious

While Cafebond is based on Melbourne’s coffee, at least for now, Joe Curious offers a monthly subscription-based on a collection of beans from popular international roasters. As a subscriber, you will receive a “mystery” bundle made of a selection of espresso/filter roast beans, with:

  • Details of origin.
  • Tasting notes.
  • Brewing info.
  • As well as tips and recipes.

The company also has a beginner kit with AeroPress($161), Cold Brew($169) and French press($159) options that follow an AeroPress coffee maker, a cold brew bottle or a French press, a miniature coffee grinder and a drip scale. The subscription is $30 per month.

Common Man Coffee Roaster

Coffee stalwart Common Man Coffee Roaster is more than just a coffee academy and cafe – it offers subscription boxes as well. They come with a brewing tool, a ground of your choice and filter papers.

Their three sets are created for catering to your coffee prep method of choice, whether it is press, ground or drip. There is a minimum subscription window of two to three months, though, depending on the coffee pack you select.

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