Blueberry Muffins

Hands up for these awesome homebaked blueberry muffins ! Yes, you shall have my legs up too ! It’s actually quite surprising to know that for someone liked myself who do not fancy berries of any sorts, that am actually quite acceptable to blueberries in some kinds of bakes. Yes, not the raw fruits by itself either but it has to be literally baked along with some batter as a cake to make them “edible” to me.

And these Blueberry Muffins are in fact more than edible to me for once. LOL. They smell heavenly during and after the bake and taste awesomely good too ! Made them for breakfast and just google down three in a shot and nope, they are not in mini size either. Gosh, what have I do to myself these days ! Blame it on the stay at home days I guess. LOL.

I ran out of milk, so I had it conveniently replaced with butter water. And I thought it was really good ! The butter kept the muffins moist and added an extra hinge of fragrance to it. But it wasn’t as dense as it would be if you had completely substituted the oil for butter entirely. There are numerous and countless blueberry muffins’ recipes on the WWW so you need not follow mine to the core either. Just play around with your flour and sugars during these stay home days and adjust to whatever best suits your taste buds.

Blueberry Muffins

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Prep time


Cooking time



Makes 5 standard size muffins.


  • 100g self raising flour⁣

  • 80g sugar⁣

  • 1 egg⁣

  • 45ml corn oil⁣

  • 1 tsp vanilla extract⁣

  • 1 tsp butter with 40ml water (or 50ml milk)⁣

  • Pinch of salt⁣

  • Some blueberries⁣


  • Sift flour.
  • Mix flour with salt and sugar.⁣
  • Beat egg with corn oil, butter water and vanilla extract.⁣
  • Add the liquid batter to flour mixture and mix till the flour is just incorporated and non visible.⁣
  • Add blueberries into batter.⁣
  • Add batter into muffin cups with ice cream scope and top w more blueberries as desired.⁣
  • Fill up the empty holes in muffin tray w a little water. ⁣
  • Bake at 200 degrees for 20mins or till a skewer inserted comes out clean (exclude the color of the blueberries).⁣
  • Optional : Off the oven and allow the muffins to continue sitting in the oven for another 10mins before removing (I do this to allow the muffins tops to brown and crust more and allow the liquid from blueberries to settle in.)

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