Movie Review : The Informer

Just a quick one here for sharing. Watched this movie last week after reading some raves about it. It was reasonably okay I guess, not the kind of excitement which I had expected it to be though. A show on how a man turn accidental criminal and thereafter, an informer of the police being betrayed and how he had to survive on his own then.


The plot was pretty interesting I would say though the conversations were a little slow at times. Do not expect high ups and downs as the intensity of the show is still a bit mediocre to me. Fortunately the ending was a pretty decent one though there wasn’t much of a proper family reunion. But the survival of the informer and his family members eventually does put some light into the show and the real good policemen who worked to ensure their safety are also very much welcomed.

There isn’t many fantastic movies recently, hence there was quite a hiatus in me posting reviews there and then. And here we are into the last quarter of the year, hopefully there will be more block busters coming along soon. In the meantime, I think this show still deserve a rave nevertheless ! So hope you will get a chance to watch it too before it comes down. And oh ya, not forgetting this show is exclusive to Golden Village only !

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