VeganBurg Celebrates the Nation’s Birthday with exclusive Chili Krab Burger

I have always admired people who are vegan, vegetarians or anything of that sort. I believed it takes a great amount of discipline to go wholly on a plant based diet. Especially in countries like Singapore where we are constantly exposed and tempted to an alarming amount of mouth watering local food, most of which are not vegan, it does need a huge deal of self discipline to stay focus on any vegan diet.

And that being said, I believed with some creativity, vegan food can be equally delicious too such as these burgers from VeganBurg. Come this National Day, our local VeganBurg has launched an exclusive Chili Krab burger, which is a quick and healthy rendition of our ever signature local dish.

The “crab” meat patty is made up of vegan shredded konjac which boosts of a crispy exterior and fluffy interior. For those who are familiar with konjac, you would probably have seen it being used commonly in Japanese jellies or noodles. It’s a first for me having konjac in a burger patty too and I think it’s entirely different from the konjac that we used to have had in the noodles or jellies. For a start, it does not taste or look anything “jelly” and in fact, it’s pretty much similar to a seafood burger patty or anything along that sorts.

The Chili Krab burger from VeganBurg is also packed with a cholesterol-free sunny side up egg, romaine lettuce and homemade chili crab sauce made from handcrafted rempah with chili padi, red chili and ginger. It does not taste spicy at the first instant but gets hotter as you indulge in more of the burger.

With the food delivery service from VeganBurg, I was expecting to feast on this new launch effortlessly in comfort. However it was a pity that the delivery service was less than satisfactory as the delivery guy did not make an attempt to give a call or even knock on the doors upon delivery and the food was simply left at the door without any notification.

So well except for the slight hiccup in the delivery standard, the food was otherwise quite tasty and I guess little would I known it’s a vegan meal if I was not informed prior to that ! The entire National Day Meal comes with a special Chili Krab burger, Curry Fries, Ginger Lemonade, and Coconut Pineapple Ice Cream.

And with that, an Instagram Giveaway to win a $54 voucher to mark the Nation’s birthday is also currently underway. So it’s time to #supportourlocalbrand once again and do keep a watch out on our Instagram space here for more !

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