Quality No Hormones, No Antibiotics Carefully Sourced Foods from Sasha’s Fine Foods

With thanks to Sasha’s Fine Foods, I got a chance to try out some of their fresh and quality sourced produce recently ! Earlier on, I had a go at their sustainably sourced fish and meats which has no hormones or antibiotics. I also tried out their sausages and bacon which were pretty decent as they weren’t as salty as some commercial brands. And to reiterate on what have been said, I have shared in a couple of Instagram’s posts on how I managed to get my everyday cooking done with some of the food that was presented from Sasha’s.

Ginger and Chili Stewed chicken using Sasha’s free range and hormone free local chicken ~ https://www.instagram.com/p/BzUTFwNnnbZ/

Fish slice thick vermicelli soup earlier using Sasha’s red snapper fish  ~ https://www.instagram.com/p/BzDGVICn3bb/

Hearty English breakfast with their prime pork sausages and dry cured smoked back bacon ~ https://www.instagram.com/p/By_kfwYnkav/

Healthy protein-packed meal with a herbs and pepper grilled salmon ~ https://www.instagram.com/p/By2Ul3EHWkH/  

And this time, I will be focusing right into some of the ready-to-eats from Sasha’s Fine Foods.

So I prepped a spicy-licious meal of Nasi Padang that comprises of Sasha’s very own Beef Rendang, my homecooked sambal french beans and a chili, carrots and onions egg omelette, which are literally quite my always-to-go options in any nasi padang meal !

And I must say, the beef rendang was really excellent ! It boosts of a rich aromatic blend of tumeric and spices with tenderly soft beef chunks that infused immensely well in the gravy. And since it was a ready-to-eat dish, all you gotta do is to thaw and let the microwave or the stove heat up the food and it’s all good to go.

In addition, I also made some lovely french toasts with the very aromatic rustic wholemeal white bread loaf from Sasha’s Fine Foods, having them dipped in sweet kaya jam and serving it alongside with soft boiled eggs for a delectable breakfast ! And I am looking forward to the fish pie and seafood lasagna to be tried out soon too !

In conjunction with National’s Day, Sasha’s will also be offering a 10% discount for all its local products in this collection ~ https://sashasfinefoods.com/collections/made-in-singapore. There’s also this awesome bundle you shouldn’t be missing out too.

05-12th August 2019BUNDLE PRICE : $54Discount
Local Whole Chicken – Regular$24.50Frozen
Barramundi Fish$18.50Frozen
Red Snapper Fish$21.50Frozen
Usual Selling Price$64.5019.44% OFF

It’s time to make a quick checklist for your grocery needs and get them replenish from Sasha’s today !

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