Gift in Style with Crowne Plaza Changi Airport’s Limited Edition Travel-Themed Suitcase of Mooncakes

Pretty in pink is this limited edition travel-themed suitcase that is back once again by popular demand from Crowne Plaza Changi Airport. On the first instant look, one might not even reconcile it to be anything associated with mooncakes because the chic and stunning suitcase just look so elegant and sturdy and would just be mistaken for one real suitcase alright.

In a vibrant shade of hot pink or plum, the suitcase looks ultimately professional and sturdy with its dark brown trimming and shiny gold hardware. The inserts are also removable, hence making it fully reusable as a stylish storage piece. So whether you are getting it for your family, friends or even business associates, they make excellent presentable and refined gifts indeed.

Housed in this stylish exterior is a collection of traditional baked mooncakes that feature all the perennial favourites of Crowne Plaza Changi Airport. Call me a traditionalist for mooncakes, I usually adore one that isn’t too sweet, without egg yolks, nothing too fanciful and just the good old basic white lotus paste.

And so these exquisitely crafted mooncakes from Crowne Plaza Changi Airport make good representation of the above. The pure less sugar white lotus paste was very delectable, smooth and isn’t ideally sweet. Encasing the thin floured skin fills a white lotus paste that’s plenty in abundance, something which I am always on the lookout for. Another remarkable new flavor include the Black Sesame Paste with Melon Seeds and Gold Dust that taste as good as it looks. And the White Lotus Paste with Jackfruit for those who are gamed for an adventurous treat.

These traditional baked mooncakes are available in a box of 4 from $70 nett ($49 nett for early bird offer) which makes it a remarkable 30% off when you purchase through . What’s more, you will also get a complimentary $20 dining voucher if you order by 11 August 2019. For 100 boxes or more, a 35% discount will be given. To order, do call the Lobby Lounge at (65) 6823 5367 between 9am and 7pm or email to Full price list as below.

MooncakesRetail Price (Box of 4)Selected Credit Card
(25% off Retail price)
Snow Skin Flavors Assorted :
~ Chrysanthemum with Winter Melon
~ Red Date with Wolfberries
~ Earl Grey with Tapioca Pearls
~ Matcha with Adzuki Beans
4-Yolk White Lotus Paste (Online Exclusive)$88$66
Black Sesame With Melon Seeds and Gold Dust *NEW*$76$57
White Lotus Paste with Jackfurit *NEW*$72$54
Double-Yolk White Lotus Paste$80$60
White Lotus Paste$70$52.50

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