Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festive with the Royal Snowskin Mooncakes from our homegrown bakery PrimaDeli

If you loved aesthetic looking mooncakes, this royal gift set of mini snowskin mooncakes from PrimaDeli should fit the bill ! In celebration of the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, our very own local homegrown bakery has ideally launched a series of dessert flavors snowskin mooncakes that packs a punch for its aesthetics and worthiness.

Coming in a box of 9 different flavors and shades, not only are they pretty to look at, they are also pretty value for money ! Featuring 4 of their new snowskin mooncakes which include the Mini Yuzu with Chia Seeds, Mini Matcha Red Bean, Mini Mylo and Mini Raspberry Vanilla filling which see them being encased in a velvety snowskin ready for your indulgence.

Other snowskin flavors include the Mini Pandan Lotus, Mini Matcha Red Bean, Mini Earl Grey, Mini Cookies & Cream, Mini D24 Durian with choclate and the Mini Black Sesame Almond. This desserts inspired palate of mooncakes are packed in a Royal Gift Set that sets itself back at an attractive price of $52.80 and that’s before the current promotional discount of 15% if you purchase a minimum of 4 regular sized or 9 mini sized mooncakes.

Further to the snowskin mooncakes, PrimaDeli also has some classic baked mooncakes which serve to give us a different twist to the usual white lotus by having our local favourite Pandan and Red Bean flavors incorporated. Embarking on a less sweet version, these local flavors are good additions to the usual white lotus for those seeking a different variation.

Listing down all the mooncakes flavors and their prices so you can make a more refined decision on what to go for. Also, please be noted that all prices listed are before the promotional discounts !

Mini Raspberry Vanilla – NEW$5.90$51.80
Mini Mylo – NEW$5.90$51.80
Mini Pandan Lotus$5.90$51.80
Mini Matcha Red Bean – NEW$5.90$51.80
Mini Yuzu with Chia Seeds – NEW$5.90$51.80
Mini Earl Grey$6.00$52.80
Mini Cookies & Cream$5.90$51.80
Mini D24 Durian with Chocolate$6.00$52.80
Mini Black Sesame Almond$6.00$52.80
ROYAL GIFT SET (1 flavor each)$52.80
Less Sugar Pure Lotus with Melon Seeds$13.70$53.80
Less Sugar White Lotus with Melon Seeds$13.90$54.80
Less Sugar White Lotus with Melon Seeds with 1 Yolk$14.20$55.80
Less Sugar White Lotus with Melon Seeds with 2 Yolks$14.70$57.80
Less Sugar Pandan with Melon Seeds – NEW$14.20$55.80
Red Bean – NEW$13.90$54.80
MINI SIZE – Less Sugar Mini Pure Lotus$6.00$52.80
MINI SIZE – Less Sugar Mini White Lotus$6.20$53.80
MINI SIZE – Less Sugar Mini White Lotus with Yolk$6.40$54.80

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