The Return of CURRY BOMB from Neo Garden Catering

As the name implies, the CURRY BOMB is back with a BANG once again ! Available from Neo Garden Catering our Number 1 food caterer in Singapore, the CURRY BOMB boosts of a huge pillow of soft fluffy bun that encases a rich and luscious local style curry chicken with potatoes.

The service from Neo Garden Catering was an absolute thumbs up too, with text messages received couple of days prior to the CURRY BOMB delivery and which follow through till the very day before. Even on the day of delivery itself, the delivery guy was prompt enough to notify when he would be arriving. This kept me really impressed as at least I am kept well informed on the status of my order throughout and respite that this is a small catering order, but the service upkeep was still as equally good.

The CURRY BOMB has a Chinese name by 金宝藏, that means Golden Treasure which make it a perfect fit for the dish. The soft cottony bun has a golden brown top and its huge absolute pillow shape make it look irresistibly appetizing. The signature curry chicken was excellently good too, delicious, spicy and very tasty. Having bread with curry chicken has always been my favorite to go, hence this CURRY BOMB is highly recommended.

It can easily fill 3 and maybe up to 4 persons given the serving size and what’s more, it’s very reasonably priced at $15.80, exclusive of GST. So do check out Neo Garden Catering website here to place your order.

And a quick run-through on how to enjoy this yummy-licious CURRY BOMB to the fullest. Awww… are you feeling hungry already ?? :)

Hope you will like this as much as I do too ! Enjoy !!

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