New SINGAFOUR 星洲四宝 Pancakes and Eggwich from Mr Bean

In honor of Singapore’s upcoming 54th birthday, several local establishments have came out with new flavors and food products to mark the occasion. And our local homegrown soy milk maker Mr Bean is no exception.

To mark the occasion, Mr Bean has ideally came out with the a whole new series of their signature pancakes and eggwich termed as the SINGAFOUR 星洲四宝. These 4 unique flavors which are available only on a very limited time period from now till 31 August 2019 comprises of the following :

  • Chilli Crab Eggwich
  • Butter Chicken Eggwich
  • Pandan Cheesecake
  • Gula Melaka Sago

Of all, I guess my favorite will be the Butter Chicken Eggwich. It comes off as the Indian style tandoori chicken, coupled with some spice and a good aroma encased in an egg and pancake filling. On the sweet side, the Gula Melaka sago was uniquely good too and I guess it’s also quite the first time I’ve seen sago been used as a filling rather than anything on a dessert. The Chilli Crab eggwich as it implies marks a signature of our local famed Chilli Crab while the Pandan Cheesecake is a fusion of our all time favorite pandan flavor alongside with some rich creamy cheese.

With the exception of Sentosa, Jewel and Yishun polyclinic stores, you can get any TWO of Mr Bean’s SINGAFOUR eggwich for $5.40. You can also enjoy 50 cents off any drink with purchase of any SINGAFOUR Pancake or eggwich. Otherwise, the ala carte price for the eggwich is $3.60 while the pancake is $2.40.

And for the first time, I had a couple of these Soy Granola 豆豆棒 from Mr Bean. To my own surprise too, I pretty much enjoyed these Granola sticks. Initially I thought they were similar to those chinese style peanut candies but given that these soy granola are way healthier and definitely less sweeter than those, guess they make better options than those anytime now. But something similar is that you certainly need to have some strong teeth to be able to chew into them. LOL.

The SINGAFOUR pancakes and eggwich are available only on a limited period so do remember to give them a try while they last. Another good reason to support our local establishment in anticipation for our country’s birthday ! On a side note, the 5 stones and marbles are pretty nostalgic, isn’t it ? Reminds me of the time when we were kids. It was really “Life’s simple pleasures” there and then. :)

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