Movie Review : The White Storm 2 – Drug Lords 扫毒2

Do you find it weird that a foodie website is actually blogging about movie review ? LOL. Actually asides from being a foodie, part time home chef or baker, I am also quite a movie lover. And I have recently re-kindled back my love for watching movies at the theater once again. Hence I thought I would share whatever movie I have watched thus far. In fact, I have been seeing a movie per week for the last couple of weeks. So let’s start off with this most recent one since I just watched this yesterday and memories are still fresh.

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Other than the core leads Andy Lau and Louis Khoo, majority of the cast are the usual TVB suspects. So I guess this is literally a wholly made in HK movie alright. If you are a die hard fan of either male leads, you would probably be excited about the show. But other than that, the story plot is quite the usual violent-crime-police story line that’s atypical of a HK movie. Do not expect any surprises though. Some scenes are pretty violent, at least to me and there are certain plots being too conversational as usual.

Can I be a spoiler and let you know the ending of the movie ? Actually I believe it’s something very predictable too. The bad people will simply all die eventually and the good people will stay on. Well I won’t say all HK movies are that predictable but at least for this one, it was pretty easy to guess. Unlike Hollywood blockbuster movies, HK movies are something that I probably haven’t found anything seriously that fantastic to wow me over yet.

Image credit to SHAW ORGANISATION website

But I guess they did make a serious effort to make certain explosive scenes as dramatic as possible. And yes, I do enjoy Michael Miu’s acting as always which I find his professionalism has always remain constant whether it’s on the big or small scenes. So in conclusion, no harm giving this movie a shot if you are desiring for a movie binge. Otherwise, it is an option.

Happy weekends ! :)

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