Movie Review : MA

This show wasn’t as horrific as I would have imagined it to be. In a nutshell, it entails how a middle age black lady that goes by the name “MA” befriending youngsters from the high school in a bid to pull out a revenge plot on the kids of her ex school mates whom has once humiliated her 20 years ago. And as she worked at a veterinary clinic, it made her accessible to all kinds of drugs which further convenience her actions. She also kept her own daughter locked and dosed within the house in an attempt not to subject her to any humiliation which she has once been through.

Psychologically unsound and tragically filled with bitterness and sorrow, her ex school mates perished at her hands one after another. The unexpected moments came on the part when the daughter of MA herself made an attempt to save all the high school-ers whom her mum had trapped and injured beneath the basement of the house.


Eventually one of MA’s ex school mates and her daughter made a last fruitful attempt to save everyone from the tragedy and get everyone to safety. The ending was a bit abrupt but wasn’t that bad. I would have expected more thrills along the way though. The story plot itself was okay but not seriously fantastic. There were some funny plots here and there and for the fact that it was a reasonably short movie at 1.5 hours, it wasn’t too draggy either. I guess you could give this a miss unless you seriously needed a movie binge and had already gone through all the existing screenings like myself. LOL.

Awaiting for FAST and FURIOUS movie to come up next !

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