Movie Review : Disney’s The Lion King

To be brutally honest, this is a rather boring show and I almost fell asleep halfway through it. So I guess you can literally give it a miss unless you have the intention to bring your kiddos to watch it. But then, I realized several kids were pretty restless during the movie in the theater so you probably gotta think twice because that goes to show how un-enticing the movie was. The first 45 minutes of the show in particular was rather dull. There was no excitement nor humor. And it isn’t that particularly heart warming a show as it projected itself to be either.


The movie starts to get a little more interesting when characters Timon and Pumbaa came into the picture with several more comedy scenes thereafter. But other than that, the conversational plot was rather mediocre and I personally find that it’s nothing more than a musical documentary with an animated movie twist. If you have watched Aladdin, you would realize it’s something similar. It’s not a cartoon kind of cartoon that you would be expecting but rather an animated movie which I am not so sure if it will interest the kiddos that much.


Many inspiration quotes from the movies though. And “Hakuna matata” is the most commonly heard of which meant “no worries”. Putting the past behind you, learning from your past and knowing that everyday is a lesson learnt probably can get you through with some motivation for the day. But other than that, the movies does not leave an impression and I reckon there probably won’t be any sequel after this either. In conclusion, “watch and forget” is how I would term this show.

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