BreadTalk celebrates the Nation’s Birthday with Flavors of the Home

It’s our Nation’s upcoming 54th Birthday. Hence our very local iconic homegrown bakery, BreadTalk has ideally came up with a variety of new bread flavors that you and I as Singaporeans can easily identify ourselves with.

Inspired our local food culture heritage, BreadTalk will be featuring Laksa, satay, curry, and kaya into their new series of bun flavors this season. And to entice everyone to join in the cheer, it has also partnered with GrabPay where you get to enjoy 3 buns for $3 from 29 July to 18 August 2019. To enjoy this promotion, consumers simply have to make payment via GrabPay for their choice of any 3 buns from the following options Bak Kwa Delight, Curry Chicken, Curry Naan, Laksa Bowl, Merlion’s Roar, Otah Oleh, Satay Chicken, and Singa Shake.

And we shall take a look at the new buns that will be featured !

The Merlion’s Roar 狮城鱼尾狮 ~ An iconic feature of Singapore is now a lovingly cute and delicious rendition of the brand’s signature pork floss with a fiery heart of sambal ikan bilis.

Satay Chicken 沙爹鸡 ~ One of our local hawker delights is now perfectly skewered into a little bun that packs upon a splendid flame of the Singapore styled grilled chicken with roasted peanuts toppings.

Laksa Bowl 叻沙一碗 ~ This tasty bun features the Singaporean’s favourite Laksa bowl that boosts an exhilarating blend of diced chicken, savory laksa paste and coconut milk. It isn’t too spicy and will make a good fit for the vast majority of us.

Curry Crab Puff 咖喱螃蟹 ~ An all new flavor this year ! The crisp crab-shaped puff looks so adorable that I didn’t have the heart to tuck into them. Containing real crab meat richly flavoured with BreadTalk’s special blend of curry spices and sambal shrimp paste is available only from 29 July to 18 August, at all BreadTalk outlets island-wide, while stocks last. Priced at $2.20 each or four pieces for $8.00.

Singa Shake ~ Features our most favorite kaya jam onto the bun as a generous topping with a custard centre filling, coated with a fine layer of dusted sugar and topped with a biscuit stick. Looks perfectly endearing and too sweet to resist, isn’t it ?

So come this National Day, shall we give all our support to the local homegrown brands who have worked excellently well and diligent in bringing the country to the world. Let’s feast and tuck in to support our local food and establishments !

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