Indulge in the Mid-Autumn Classics and New Snowskin Mooncakes Collection from Xin Cuisine, Holiday Inn Singapore

Pretty stoked to receive my first batch of mooncakes from Holiday Inn Singapore yesterday. I know it’s still early but then, early bird often catches the worm, isn’t it ? So if you are planning on getting mooncakes for the Mid Autumn Festive, that’s nothing better than to be early and get your pre-orders before stocks run out at the last minute.

What’s more, you will enjoy a much better deal if you do a preorder as discounts are generally more generous during this time. 
So come this Mid Autumn Festival, the fine Chinese Restaurant of Holiday Inn Singapore, Xin Cuisine has delicately came out with a variety of traditional and snowskin mooncakes, as well as their popular signature’s collection which has always been quite their best seller.
I still remember last year when I was really last minute into the festive, because I was in such a dilemma and couldn’t make up my mind what mooncakes to get for the old folks. In the end, I was going through a mad rush at every roadshow only to know that many of the finer mooncakes are all sold out. So this year, I am so glad Holiday Inn Singapore mooncakes came early and reminded me as well that I ought to start shopping for my mooncakes, make my preorders and collect them nearer to the date of the festive.
This way, I save myself the last minute mad rush and am able to get more quality and finer mooncakes, just like these from Xin Cuisine. The highlights of Xin Cuisine this year will be the newly launched White Lotus Seed Paste with Singapore Sling Praline where it boosts of a refreshing sweet and fruity flavour and the White Lotus Seed Paste with Rosemary Honey Praline that embrace the richness of honey alongside with rosemary benefits in a flavourful white lotus seed paste.
My favourite will also be the Peranakan Durian and you know that it is for real durian filling that you are getting because the mooncake starts to get all wobbly the moment I lifted it up. Hence, the pictures are showing an imperfection in that particular mooncake ! But nevertheless, it still tastes as awesoome as it can be. And of course without fail, the classic baked mooncakes get to stay for the traditionalists and I pretty much loved the Signature Egg Custard too. 
And here’s the full menu cum price list for your reference. And remember, prices are before the early bird discounts !

Traditional Baked Classics

  • Low Sugar White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Yolk (Best Seller), 4pcs/Box @ $74
  • Low Sugar White Lotus Seed Paste with Single Yolk, 4 pcs/Box @ $70
  • Low Sugar White Lotus Seed Paste, 4 pcs/Box @ $66
  • Assorted Traditional Mooncakes, 4 pcs/Box @ $74
  • Assorted Nuts Mooncakes, 4 pcs/Box @ $74

Xin’s Signature Collection (3-day advance order required)

  • Xin’s Signature Mini Egg Custard with Yolk, 6pcs/Box @ $68
  • Teochew Yam Paste with Single Egg Yolk, 4 pcs/Box @ $76
  • Peranakan Durian Snowskin (Large), 4 pcs/Box @ $76

Mini Snowskin Favourites

  • White Lotus Seed Paste with Rosemary Honey Praline, 6 pcs/Box @ $66
  • White Lotus Seed Paste with Singapore Sling Praline, 6 pcs/Box @ $66
  • Peranakan Durian, 6 pcs/Box @ $66
  • Pandan White Lotus Seed Paste with Champagne Praline, 6 pcs/Box @ $66
  • Passion Fruit Paste with Plus, 6 pcs/Box @ $66
  • Green Tea Paste with Baileys Irish Cream Praline, 6 pcs/Box @ $66
Enjoy up to 35% off* when you place your pre-order that will begin from 01 July to 13 September 2019. Visit the website directly at or head down to any of the following locations & dates to place your order. 
(*Refer to website for full Terms & Conditions.)
~ Takashimaya, 08 Aug 2019
~ Hotel Lobby, 12 Aug 2019
~ Vivocity, 15 Aug 2019
~ NEX, 23 Aug 2019
~ Jurong Point, 26 Aug 2019
~ Causeway Point, 30 Aug 2019
~ Bugis Junction, 2 Sept 2019
~ Lot ONE, 2 Sept 2019
~ Tampines Mall, 2 Sept 2019
With much thanks to Joanne & Daryl of Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium for the personal delivery and mooncakes !

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