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Now that Christmas is over in a jiffy, we are well proceeding into the next bigger celebration of the year and that’s the Chinese New Year once again ! And in 2019, the CNY falls on 5 Feb which is pretty early as compared to the year before and we are literally down to slightly more than one month of preparations only before the actual festive begins. 

Another mad rush, isn’t it ? It’s liked you are just done with a massive party celebration and another major one is popping up real soon. And as a matter of fact, I have actually suggested to my parents the same too, that perhaps we can do without the extensive cooking this time and get everything all catered in. That will really save all the hassle and bustle of the groceries shopping, food preparation, heavy cooking and the messy cleaning up thereafter.
And with that in mind, FoodLine is an important source of information for all things catering in Singapore. It’s a one-stop portal where you can literally shop for the most comprehensive listing of food caterers in Singapore, get reviews and make your selections there and then right on the spot. 
If you are thinking that buffet catering is meant for large groups of people only, then that’s quite a thing of the past already. Even when it comes to major festivals liked the CNY, most of the caterers on FoodLine are coming out with mini buffet catering which are well meant for smaller families and even party sets which you can add on to your festive cooking, if you are insistent on having to cook too !
As the saying goes “the early bird catches the worm”, look at the attractive perks going on right now for the CNY promotions that FoodLine is currently running with some of the caterers already. You have all that to gain if you are an early bird ! 
CNY is always the most peak season for the year where many caterers are packed to the brim with orders and more especially so when the date draws closer. Hence, to avoid the last minute frenzy of not being able to secure your desired food caterer, it’s always good to plan well in advance and since availability of online portals like FoodLine has already made everything so readily convenient which you could access anytime.

There’s just so much goodness and perks to order direct from FoodLine now and pretty sure no other online portals could quite match it for now ! And here’s to a sharing of a promo code “EWTCNY50” for all EWT readers too where you can get $50 off minimum purchase of $500, valid till 28 Feb 2019. Redemption details can be found at

Last but not least, have fun planning for your CNY feast and be sure to check out more CNY Catering menus at

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