Phoon Huat Deli Media Event

Recently I attended a media invitation hosted by Phoon Huat Deli and popular chef Snowcology which was held at their new store at The Star Vista. As Singapore doesn’t have a baking or cooking street such as Hong Kong or Korea where they consolidate all the various baking or cooking related stores in one single location, our best alternative will be Phoon Huat, which is the largest baking supplies store locally. 

And being a baking enthusiast myself, I think I have since visited almost all of Phoon Huat’s branches in Singapore with the exception of this particular one which is recently opened at The Star Vista. So taking opportunity of the media event at the same time, I manage to patronize the store for the first time. 

Unlike its other stores, this outlet is pretty spacious and neat, with all its items nicely arranged and spaced out. And this is the only Phoon Huat’s store that actually retails a variety of fine foods such as premium meats, seafood and sashimi. So together with Snowcology, this media event was to highlight the varieties of fresh and premium ingredients that is available at Phoon Huat Deli and utilising them to whip up stunning and delectable dishes. 

And amongst the various appetizers that was served, freshly shucked oysters with caviar and uni, smoked salmon with gold and truffle, smoked octopus tentacles and Wagyu Sando, are some of the delicacies that was presented at the event.

And here’s what you can expect to find from the exclusive Phoon Huat Deli.

~ Fresh quality meats imported from countries such as Japan, USA, Spain and Australia. 

~ Premium meat selection includes A5-grade Miyazaki wagyu from Miyazaki Prefecture of Japan, Mishima Reserve beef from USA, and Iberico pork from Spain. 

~ Sustainably farmed salmon from Norway and Bluefin tuna from Japan, as well as shellfish such as langoustines, oysters and carabineros from various parts of Europe.

~ Exclusive brands such as Benfumat (for smoked seafood) and Royal Belgium Caviar 

In addition to the above premium selection, Phoon Huat Deli also serves up a ready-to-eat menu including sashimi platters, sushi and donburi (Japanese rice bowls) for lunch or dinner takeaways. Prices for sushi and sashimi items start at S$2.88 while donburis are priced from S$9.88 onwards.

From 1 November 2018 onwards, Phoon Huat Deli is also launching a brand new online store ( where customers can place orders from the convenience of their home.

Phoon Huat Deli is located at :

RedMan at Star Vista, 1 Vista Exchange Green, B1-14/15 Singapore 138617. 

Opens daily from 10am to 10pm (closed on Chinese New Year eve and the first three days of Chinese New Year). 

For home delivery and retail enquiries, customers can call hotline +65 6654 4333 or email

Selected items from the Sashimi deli are also available via Deliveroo or hotline +65 6544 4345.   

Happy shopping ! 

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