Christmas Catering with One Stop Portal FoodLine

And so we are less than 2 months into Christmas, the month of merry making, celebrations and lots of cheer ! It’s most and definitely my favourite month of the year where after an entire year of hard work, the last month of the year deserved a well earned break and enjoyment to the fullest !

So nothing gonna be better than tons of feasting, feasting and more feasting !

With all the year end parties in the plans, have you thought of the most ideal way to host one thus far ? Well, the most nerve wrecking part on festive parties planning, I am sure is none other than food isn’t it ? How to go about feeding the huge party go-ers with adequate yummy food, the festive setup, the messy clean up thereafter too, are all huge considerations. 

Well, for once I would forsake the idea of cooking on a festive occasion like such. Because for one, it is generally tough to conquer the tastebuds of a huge group of people at one go. Secondly, festive ingredients are always more expensive which doesn’t make economical sense. Thirdly, which is what I dreaded most, is the major clean up after the extensive cooking. 

So the most perfect solution to it all, IS to garner a reliable caterer who will delicately cater to all your requirements, prepare the settings, serve your warm delectable food right to the doorstep and be quick to clear off the mess when the indulgence is over.

And in response to that, FoodLine offers a one stop portal where you would be able to get a comprehensive listing of the most number of food caterers in Singapore, source and get quotations, read reviews and feedback and place order directly through the online portal right away.

While feasting at the same time, you can also earn cash rewards for every order that you’ve placed through FoodLine, which will be credited directly to your bank account. No further spending or whatsoever to get these cash rewards, so it’s literally equivalent to a bonus discount off your catering order.


And if you are reading this post, you would enjoy further discounts through the following promo code for this Christmas season.

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So save yourself the hassle of all the parties planning tasks and hop onto FoodLine straight away for all your festive catering needs ! 

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Enjoy the feast !

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