[Shout Out] Lazada 09.09.18 Surprise

LAZADA 09.09.18 ALL YOU EVER WANTED surprise is coming in 3 days’ time !!! 

So what’s all the hype about this surprise you may ask ?  Okok… I am sure many queries floating around in your mind now. Let me try and resolve them for you, if I can. LOL. 
Well there will be alot of perks, discounts and promotions on this surprise campaign that you will find too irresistible to resist !! 
Firstly, you will be seeing several products going on sale on Lazada with some of them going up to 90% discount ! 
~ Too good to be true ? Well, that’s more… 
Second, during the 09.09 campaign, Lazada will also be introducing various ways for customers to earn vouchers which has value of up to $99 !! 
~ Unbelievable ? Read on…
Third, surprise boxes priced at either $29 or $49 with $100 worth of products in them are up for grabs !  You will be able to choose the gift boxes from the categories of stuffs that interest you. For example, for me is definitely anything desired for my beloved kitchen. Hence, my surprise box is one that comes from the Kitchen & Dining category by RC-Global.

~ So what’s the catch if you may ask ? …
Well, as the name implies, surprise boxes means you won’t be made known what’s gonna come in these gift boxes till they arrive right before you !
Lastly, because these surprise boxes are just so attractive, they are very limited in quantities too ! That will be only 99 of these boxes which will be sold between 06 to 09 Sept 2018.
So for a little secret, or maybe not so secret, here’s part of what I’ve received from a $29 worth of surprise box. I shall keep the rest for a little suspension so that you will be more thrilled when you unbox your surprise.
You can hop onto this link here to view the actual promotions and make a purchase of your gift box if you want. 
It’s fun to be kept in suspense until the gift box arrives and to reveal the items in surprise ! It’s just liked playing tikam when we were kids. LOL.
Hope you gonna have fun unveiling your surprises while embarking on huge savings discounts from this promotion ! 

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