Healthy Low Calories, Low Fats & Reduced Sugar Premium Ice Cream from Callery’s

I have always loved ice cream and more especially so on times when I am stressed ! LOL. Because these sweet treats can really help to lift up the spirits whenever I am tired or stressed out. Well, when people say desserts is the reverse of stressed, there’s certainly some truth in it. However, as age caught up, I have scaled down on my intake of ice cream mainly because ice cream is pretty fattening and even more so after the metabolic rate has gone down.

So I was really really pleased when Callery’s sent me these pints of ice cream that are absolutely low in fats, comes with reduced sugar and ultra low calories intake yet tasting as creamy as they would have been. 
For a serving of a Belgium chocolate ice cream which we consider the richest of all, is a bare 72 calories per serving ! And my favourite vanilla bean stands at 59 calories only. And you certainly won’t miss out on how healthy these sweet treats are, especially when they are printed loud and clear as their signature feature on these pints. 
Ice cream makes a good after meal dessert, especially in humid weather liked ours. So it is no wonder that people like myself tends to binge ourselves on ice cream more often than not. With these healthier pints of ice cream from Callery’s, I suddenly felt like I could let loose and enjoy my sweet treats without worrying of putting on that extra pounds on the waistline. LOL.
The core flavours come off as the Vanilla bean, Strawberry and cream & Belgium Chocolate which are the main ice cream flavours that feed the most of us. In fact, just any of these is good enough to satisfy me as they are made using premium ingredients such as fresh french strawberries, premium belgium cocoa and single vanilla beans. While the first 2 depends solely on individual taste buds, the last being the Vanilla bean is easily distinguished from the tiny spots of vanilla specks in the ice cream which make it the real vanilla flavour. And this is how we differentiate from a good vanilla ice cream and one that comes off as using essence or artificial flavouring.
And what’s more, Callery’s ice cream is wholly and proudly Singaporean, engineered and produced wholesomely local. So that’s nothing better than supporting our own local branding, isn’t it ?
Callery’s ice cream is currently available for purchase from their website here, on Redmart and Fairprice Finest.
Happy ice-creaming !

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