Healthy Delicious Roast Chicken Delivery from KEMONO

I’ve always been wanting to try out this Kemono Roast Chicken which was heavily advertised in the social media and print advertisements and so last weekend, my wish was finally granted ! Well, I have always love a good roast chicken, so when the craving kicks in, my usual option will just be to pop by the nearest Fairprice Finest or Cold Storage and grab one for a quick indulgence. Because those are quite the most easily available options when you are craving for one at random. 

But now, that’s another even better alternative, which is the healthy Kemono Roast Chicken that delivers right to your doorstep islandwide till midnight. So fret not at not having your roast chicken fix even if you are seeking for one after store operating hours. Several has been asking me for opinions after I’ve tried. And I must say, they are indeed very yummy-licious !! In what sense then maybe you would ask ? 
Well, for one I think the meat is really tender and juicy. If you have tried one that’s bought from the stores and make a comparison with Kemono Roast Chicken, you would be able to quite easily differentiate between a fresh kampung chicken and a frozen one. Even the breast meat which I don’t usually fancy, was pretty tender and not drying at all. 
Second, no MSG was used in the roast marinate and this is quite evident from how thirsty you get after having the chicken which was very much welcomed. But even then, the taste of the roasted chicken was not comprised in anyway. It was very aromatic with a slight twinge of crispiness of the chicken skin.
Thirdly, as seen from its website, the chickens that are used are wholly cage free without antibiotics or growth hormones from halal certified sources. So that makes it completely wholesome for everyone to enjoy without guilt !
What’s more, it comes along complete with sauces, serviettes and even gloves for a fuss free indulgence. So that makes it a really convenient party and gathering food too which everyone can literally tuck in and eat on the spot.
And the super cute packaging that says “You are so beautiful” probably will makes your heart fluttered even before you cave into the food. If you are a guy, you would probably be receiving something that say… “You are so handsome !” LOL.
And the main highlight of having the Kemono Roast Chicken right NOW is probably the launch of a photo competition with a $60,000 total prize money which makes it the largest prize award ever in a Singapore’s photo competition history !!
Now doesn’t that sound really tempting !! As you have noticed from the various social media and even print advertorials along the way, judges for this contest are international fashion photographer Chuando, Queen of the celebrities Zoe Tay and Singapore’s King (and Queen) of comedy Kumar. And here are some snapshots of their creativity.
Competition Rules 
1. Simply “follow” @kemonochicken on Instagram or “like” Kemono Chicken on Facebook at
2. Include the rubber chicken in any photo. Contestants are to post their photos on their own Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #kemonophoto, or email them to
And there it is !! You have just embarked on your way to winning the best photo prize ever !
Winners will be announced in January 2019 on their website as well as social media.
1st Prize: $50,000
2nd Prize: $5,000
3rd Prize: $1,000
4th to 10th: iPad Pro
20 prizes of $100 will also be given to noteworthy submissions.
So do try to be as creative, artistic or humorous as you can to impress the judges !! Who knows, your wackiness and drama may just bring you some extra happy $. 
Kemono Roast Chicken is also having a live pop-up display at 313@Somerset if you need to get your hands on the rubber chicken for your photos ! 
Have fun !!

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