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Premium MSW Durian Snowskin Mooncakes from Golden Moments


There has been much hype sharing of mooncakes since one month ago but I’ve had my first taste of them over the last weekend only ! And it was none other than these premium mao shan wang durian snowskin mooncakes 顶级猫山王榴莲冰皮月饼 from Golden Moments

It seems like the Mid-Autumn Festival is a huge affair in many countries, but in the local scene we can only make do with it as a custom with mooncakes appreciation being a must since we only get to see them around once a year. 

Golden Moments specialises in only durian mooncakes hence making these mooncakes their core signature where they devote their 100% focus and attention on. The lovable fact about these mooncakes is that, not only are they preservatives free, they are totally sugar and cream free which is in line with the recent craze on being health conscious and eating all healthy. 
The mooncakes were very much well received by the old folks in the family as it so happened that they do not fancy anything that are too sweet or those that are on a custard cream base, so these premium MSW mooncakes fit the bill perfectly ! 
The gloriously rich and creamy MSW durian meat were encased in a fine bamboo charcoal snowskin with a touch of edible gold glitters on the surface. Coming in a similar fashion, the packaging itself was a sleek metal case in black and gold which makes them very presentable as gifts sharing. 
Durian lovers would certainly find much joy in these mooncakes as the filling packs a good punch of the rich durian flavour that comes from the natural taste of the king of fruits itself. I find that it was even better when the mooncakes were allowed to chill overnight and to enjoy them whilst they are still very cold.
For more information on how to get your hands on these premium MSW durian mooncakes from Golden Moments, hop onto their social contacts below for your durian mooncakes fix !
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Enjoy !!

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