Quilt Pressed Sandwich Maker from Recolte

Hello all !! This is my 2nd post in 2 days, rare isn’t it ? LOL. Been wanting to pen down this post for sometime but was just too overwhelmed with other stuffs. Plus, this posting requires a fair bit of consolidation of pictures taken thus far, so pretty time consuming. Please bear with me ya.

If you have been following me around in IG, you would have noticed I’ve gotten this Recolte Sandwich Maker sometime back. As you know, I have such a penchant for cute, pretty and of course reasonably priced kitchen appliances, so much so that they supersede my liking for any branded bags or jewellery that any other women would usually fancy. Hmm.. sometimes I think I am weird too. But truth to be say, I am sure each and everyone of us has a soft spot for their individual loves, isn’t it ?
When I first noticed the sandwich maker, it was from Rakuten Japan and some sites from Taiwan. Maybe just a little idea of what we can and cannot buy from these websites. Japan, Taiwan and the USA has a voltage current of 110V which is not applicable for use in Singapore that carries a 220V power. Of course, you can use an external transformer to connect the appliance for use, but IMHO, I feel that a transformer might not be so safe to use as it can cause the electricals to be tripped easily. And furthermore, the transformer is so huge that it can be even more bulky than the appliance in use itself. Even for a handy transformer which you probably be able to source, the reliability of it is also questionable. Sad to hear that, isn’t it ? All the cute cute kitchen appliances from these countries are out of the question for us in Singapore.
So all in all, using an international adaptor is the furthest I would go in getting export appliances set. My original Recolte sandwich maker was an export set from Korea which they had imported from Japan too, but was converted to 220V for use in Korea. So it was pretty fine, the only concern was that that’s no warranty covered. My colleague has gotten it online from some websites in Korea and handcarried it back for me !! Pretty nice of her ya !
There’s where I started my sandwich quilting journey !! LOL. As you can see from the various postings in IG, it has been put to good use !! OK la, at least for once, there’s one lesser white elephant in the kitchen !!
Then then then….. I was approached by Recolte Singapore one fine day, that they are actually bringing in the same and more of their products to Singapore !! You can actually find more information and get your hands on these sandwich makers on their online website at krisshop.sg . They actually come in local safety electrical mark, local 3-pin plug and warranty ! Just awesome, isn’t it !! I wish they have come in earlier nevertheless. Hahaha !!
Egg Mayonnaise, Otah & Meat Floss

But then, still better late than never as I am still eyeing some of their other kitchen appliances which comes in pretty shades and colors. Yes, I must admit, I am indeed a very visual and aesthetic person when it comes to a decision in getting stuffs for my kitchen. LOL.

So here I am, for the very kind folks at Recolte Singapore, compilling a lengthy (hopefully not boring for you) a post on the various sandwich creations that I’ve attempted thus far. The signature quilt design of the sandwich maker is by far, the prettiest and most unique one that I’ve seen. It somehow manages to give the usual boring toast a boost. And if you are using store-bought bread loaf, the one that manages to get the best quilt imprint will be the Gardenia Junior Thick Toast (just my 2-cents worth). It sealed the edges well and provides a nice golden brown toast without getting too hard at the crusts. And it’s thick enough to get the imprint perfectly on the bread.

Recolte sandwich maker comes in red and pink and is available for purchase from krisshop.sg. For more information, you can also contact them via the website and I am sure the folks over there will be more than happy to help !
Seaweed Chicken & Egg on Buttered Toasts
A thick slab of SPAM Luncheon Meat & Egg
Air Fried Popcorn Chicken with Double Cheese
Egg Mayo and Tuna with Lettuce
Egg Mayo & Meat Floss
Tuna Mayonnaise, Sweet Corn and Crunchy Cucumbers
Ham, Scrambled Egg and Lettuce
Tuna Chunks, Crunchy Sweet Corns and Lettuce
French Toasts stuffed with Ham, Cheese, Egg Omelette and Lettuce
Nasi Lemak Sandwich Toast – made up of Ikan bilis, peanuts, scrambled eggs, air fried chicken and diced cucumbers
Creamy Egg and Tuna Mayonnaise
“MacSandwich” – Marinated Beef Patty, oozing Cheese and Scrambled Egg
Crispy pan fried Luncheon Meat and Scrambled Egg
Caramelised Sugar on Buttered Toasts with oozing Smoked Cheese
Otah, Egg and Cucumbers
Classic Ham and melting Cheese w Crunchy Japanese cucumbers
Caramelised sugar on buttered toasts with Cheese
Tuna and Egg Mayo
Classic Ham and Cheese
Grilled Meats and Lettuce on Buttered Toasts


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