Vanilla Butter Cookies with Nomu Baking Kits

Butter cookies has always been one of my favourite cookies. In fact, anything buttery comes across to me as rich, aromatic and cannot be missed. Be it on bread, in cakes, biscuits or cookies. More especially so if that’s a touch of some crystallized sugar on it. You know, like our old school bread and sugar toast which I have been posting so often on my Instagram page. 

So when Nomu presents me with their options of various baking kits available, it’s like a so natural thing that I will go for the Vanilla butter cookies. Other than the butter which is not provided, the baking kit contains a pack of sugar and the cookie mix. So you just need to supplement the butter yourself and follow the instructions on the packaging. Super noob friendly and fool proof la. 
Cream the butter and sugar then add the cookie mix to form a dough. Chill in fridge to harden slightly before slicing or shaping them as you wish and send for baking. The whole process took me like less than 15 mins, excluding the fridge chilling time. Yes, you are right, it’s that brainless that I even wondered if I missed anything. Hahah!
But the cookies are marvelously aromatic !! Perhaps some credits shall go to the Danish butter which I was using too! LOL. Even then the vanilla fragrance was pretty rich and the cookies which I’ve added some sugar as toppings, caramelized slightly and was so so good.
And notice the lovely wildflowers at the foreground of the pictures, they are from Floral Garage SG ! Loving how rustic these flowers look and that their beauty to stay this way for a long long time because they are wholesomely dried ! Yes, isn’t it amazing to learn that dried flowers can be made into such a delicate bouquet too ?
So coming back to the cookies, even though it’s a simple and fuss free bake, I am glad that I manage to get some of my baking mojo back after some hiatus. So if you wannna get hold of these baking kits, feel free to hop online healthy gourmet sg or any Fairprice Finest or hypermarts.

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