Chinese Dumplings & Vegetables One Pot Meal with Mizkan’s Hotpot Soup Base

I had some people asking me for hotpot recommendations recently and though I would love to recommend some of my favourite joints which we do patronise once a while, but the best of it all which I would dearly suggest is to prepare one from home. First of all, the prices of these hotpot restaurants aren’t cheap to begin with. Secondly, hotpot is the most brainless and noob friendly meal that anyone can prepare from home. And so why do you have to spend that twice or triple amount of the money in having the same kind of food when you can easily whip up the same or even better from the comfort of your home ?

You probably would have some qualms about generating a good hotpot soup base which you might be beyond your efforts and time to do so. Well, you can easily get a pack of Mizkan’s Pork Bone and Soy Sauce Nabe hotpot soup base off the shelves and they are just as equally good as the home made ones as they are simmered from pork bones and chicken which is exactly the same as how we would cook our home based stock too !

And what I so love about enjoying a hotpot from home is that it serves as a very convenient one pot meal where I could chuck everything into one serving pot and simply indulge from there at my own leisure. Less the pressure of staring eyes at you especially when you just want to take your own sweet time to enjoy your meal but the consistent queues of people waiting for a table to dine at the same place cast that subconscious stress that somehow “force” you to finish up your food quickly.

So this time, I prepared a healthy one pot meal of Chinese dumplings and vegetables using Mizkan’s Pork Bone and Soy Sauce Nabe hotpot soup base and serving it with some carrot konyaku noodles from Konjac. And to complement the homemade chinese dumplings, some dried anchovies are used to give the soup an additional unami boost. 

There’s seldom a shortage of homemade dumplings within the house, mainly because I love big fat dumplings that comes off with a good punch of fillings, so much so that the skin is “bursting” off that kinda. Haha ! And an abundance of diced water chestnuts is a must-must for local chinese dumplings for that extra crunch and taste. Hence, it’s not easy to find one that can match up to this standard so having my own home-made serves the best solution to it all. 

Previously konyaku noodles can only be purchased online, so come this early May, these healthy noodles will also be available at NTUC supermarkets. With bustling health benefits such as super low calories being 28kcal for each pack of noodles only, essentially zero cholesterol and preservatives and coloring free, they are also entirely gluten free which makes it safe for anyone with wheat allergies to consume. 

Combining an abundance of green vegetables, homemade chinese dumplings and konjac noodles in Mizkan’s Nabe-tsuyu soup base, this one pot meal makes it to the meal of the day with much colors, healthiness and flavours !

There’s both ways in which you can enjoy this meal, cook as you eat as what you would do with a steamboat or pre-cook everything and enjoy it all together in a one pot meal thereafter. Either way is a winner and I am choosing the latter as the option for this time !

Hope you will enjoy this healthy dish as much as I do !! Enjoy !!

Chinese Dumplings & Vegetables One Pot Meal with Mizkan's Nabe Soup Base
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Main
Cuisine: Chinese
Serves: 2
  • 300ml Mizkan Nabe-Tsuyu Hotpot soup
  • 1 pack of Konjac carrot Konyaku noodles
  • 400ml water
  • 1 tbsp shallot / sesame oil
  • 2 tbsp dried anchovies
  • ½ tsp pepper
  • 4-5 slices of ginger
  • Some chinese dumplings (recipe can be found here)
  • Some meatballs (recipe can be found here)
  • Some fishcakes
Optional : Choices to used vary according to individual preferences:
  • Some caixin vegetables
  • Some shanghai green vegetables
  • Some nai bai vegetables
  • Some brocolli
  • Some long cabbage
  • Some green coral lettuce
  • Some holland peas
  • Some beansprouts
  • Some carrots, sliced
  • Some tofu, diced
  • Some shitake mushrooms
  • Some enoki mushrooms
  • Some baby corns
  • Some diced spring onion for garnishing
To Serve with :
  • Some diced chilli padi + light soya sauce
  1. Wash and prepare all the vegetables and ingredients required.
  2. Prepare the dumplings and meatballs to be used.
  3. Slice the ginger and place the anchovies in a soup stock bag. Add them to a pot with the hotpot soup and water and allow it to boil and simmer for approx.10 minutes before removing the soup stock bag.
  4. Begin by blanching the long cabbage and carrots till they are softened before draining.
  5. Blanch all the green vegetables. Drain and set aside.
  6. Blanch the mushrooms till softened and set aside.
  7. Cook the dumplings, meatballs and fishcakes.
  8. Lastly, blanch the beansprouts and tofu briefly in the boiling soup.
  9. Rinse the konyaku noodles with water.
  10. Add them to the hot soup and off the flame.
  11. Optional : Arrange everything neatly in a pot. Serve hot immediately with chilli padi as desired.



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