Salmon & Vegetables Nabe-Tsuyu Hotpot using Mizkan’s Hotpot Soup Base

Hohoho !! Merry Christmas !! I guess this has to be the best time in the year where we are counting down into the finale of the entire year. And with the festive holidays and all, the continuing feasting at parties never seem to end, isn’t it ? With that said, if you had been overloaded with much of the meats and roasts during the feasting, now is supposedly the best time to enjoy a deliciously-healthy hotpot that’s abundantly filled with greens. 

In our local terms, we addressed this as a steamboat or hotpot. So basically all you gotta do is to grab a pack of Mizkan’s Sesame and SoyMilk or Pork Bone and Soy Sauce Nabe hotpot soup base, get it to boil, keep it simmering whilst adding and cooking all that you desired to indulge in. 

For this particular hotpot which I attempted to using Mizkan’s Sesame and Soymilk soup base, I decide to pre-cook everything instead and serve them all together with the soup. WIth that, you probably can spend more attention and time enjoying the meal with your loved ones instead of diverting much of your focus of having to cook at the same time. 
Because of all the over-eating during the festive, which I suppose everyone is guilty in a way or two, I decide to eliminate all traces of meat with this hotpot. Instead, there was a great abundance of varied vegetables, namely the fresh coral lettuce, japanese green, baby caixin, broccoli, chinese cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, with three types of mushrooms, and lastly some blanched salmon slices. I reckon this probably has to be the only time which I manage to “sweep” away that many types of vegetables at any one time. Haha !
Whenever we had a hotpot, there is often an excess amount of leftover soup base. In a Japanese context, the soup base would be utilised to enjoy a rice, porridge, udon or ramen to conclude the meal. Applying a similar concept to the local context, I serve the soup base together with a Chinese scallop noodles as seen. And it was surprisingly very delicious. The thick luscious soup packed in all the goodness and with the good aroma from the scallop noodles, it made a very appetizing and satisfying meal indeed !
With that said, the Chinese scallop noodles does resemble some forms of Japanese soba noodles, isn’t it ? :)
And if you are worried that the vegetables will lose its “green” or crisp if you happen to cook them for a tad too long, adding a dash of sesame or shallot oil will aid in allowing the vegetables to retain its “green-ness” whilst adding an extra hinge of fragrance to the soup too !
Though this is a 100% noob friendly dish, but here’s also to sharing how this lovely and healthy pot of Salmon & Vegetables Nabe Tsuyu Hotpot dish comes about using Mizkan’s hotpot soup bases.
Hope everyone has a blasting start to the New Year and may all your resolutions be fulfilled in 2018 !!! 
Salmon & Vegetables Nabe-Tsuyu Hotpot
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 2
  • 400ml soup base/stock (if using Mizkan's soup bases, shake well before use.)
  • 300ml water
  • 1 tbsp shallot oil or sesame oil
  • Some fresh coral lettuce
  • Some baby caixin vegetables
  • Some chinese cabbage
  • Some broccoli
  • Some oyster mushrooms
  • Some enoki mushrooms
  • Some shitake mushrooms
  • Some tomatoes
  • Some carrots
  • 100g salmon, sliced thinly
  • Some Japanese fishcakes
  • Some chinese noodles, blanched in some boiling water and set aside
  1. Cut all the vegetables and slice the mushrooms and carrots into smaller pieces.
  2. Sliced the salmon thinly and give the packet of soup base a good shake before opening.
  3. Blanch the noodles in some boiling water till softened, drain and set aside.
  4. Add the soup base and water to a pot with the shallot/sesame oil and cook till it boils.
  5. Add the chinese long cabbage and carrots. Once they are softened, drain and set aside.
  6. Cook all the 3 kinds of mushrooms till softened, drain and set aside.
  7. Blanch the broccoli and japanese fishcake in the boiliing soup acccordingly. Drain and set aside.
  8. Blanch all the rest of the green vegetables except the fresh coral lettuce. Drain and set aside.
  9. Blanch the salmon slices and once they turn pinkish, drain and set aside.
  10. Turn up the heat of the flame. Add the blanched chinese noodles to the soup, allow the soup to boil once again and off the flame.
  11. Add the noodles to a serving pot before arranging the rest of the ingredients neatly and lastly top up the pot with the soup. Serve hot immediately.

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