By Local NTUC Brand – Chef’s Finest Offers Affordable Ready Meals led by Healthier Choice Options

Earlier on, when my dad was still hospitalised, I remember all of us were visiting him on an almost daily basis even after a long day’s work. So much so that I literally do not have time to plan or cook my own meals. So when I received Chef’s Finest™ ready-to-eat meals, it was just so timely when I headed home and much in need of a convenient and quick meal to satisfy all the hunger pangs before I simply knocked out. The interesting thing is, I used to detest much of such convenience foods because to many of us, they are probably just “ding rice 叮饭”, meaning microwavable food that can be kept for very long and eaten within a spam of few minutes after the microwave “ding 叮” to inform you that the food it’s ready. To many of us, microwavable food are probably meant for people who eat to live, has no regards for its taste or health options and as long as they are filling and quick, is all that that matters.

But as everyone is embarking on a healthier lifestyle today, it is no doubt that such “ding rice 叮饭” has also evolved to include healthier options with so much better a taste that you probably won’t even realize that they are convenience foods.

Well today, Chef’s Finest™ under our local home grown NTUC brand, has finally heard our cries and ridden on the growing knowledgeable consumer’s demands for a healthier choice, came out with a range of convenience foods offerings that not only do they taste good, look good and are also boasting of nutritional and health values.

While I haven’t had a go at all the flavours yet, but the ones that I had tried includes the Curry Fish with Multi-grain red rice and Rosemary Chicken. I was kinda surprised to know that healthy multi-grain rice can be conveniently consumed in such ready meals menu too as we all knew that multi-grain rice, if to cook on its own, will generally take a longer time to cook than the usual white rice.

In fact, the proportional serving of the ready-to-eat meal appeals to me pretty well. In a single serving of the meal, there was like 3 to 4 slabs of curry fish which compares to the rice portion, definitely stands out more and this is not including the vegetables serving. So I need not say “less rice (饭少)“ anymore if I were to go dabao-ing for the same. 

The Rosemary Chicken was a good fit with the sauce as well, pretty much like our Chicken chop with a thick luscious brown sauce coating. And best of it all, it’s affordably priced at S$4.90, which makes it even cheaper than our hawker stalls selling western food nowadays !

Best of all, all of these ready meals are endorsed and certified by our Health Promotion Board to be ≤ 500kcal / serving, Lower in Saturated Fat, Lower in Sodium and Trans Fat Free or higher in wholegrain.

The full selection of these delicious and nutritious ready-to-eat meals will progressively be carried at more NTUC FairPrice stores and other retail touchpoints such as Cheers convenience stores in high-traffic MRT stations, hospitals and tertiary institution and are made available at online grocery store – FairPrice Online.   

And so, here’s the full menu offerings with their respective pricings.

Chef’s Finest LightHPB-certified Healthier Choice Ready Meals Menu 

Variants marked with * are Higher in Wholegrain.

  1. Pumpkin Rice with Shitake Mushrooms and Black Olives* (Introductory Price: $3.00)
  2. Mee Siam Assam Dry* (Introductory Price: $3.90)
  3. Mexican Baked Fish with Roasted Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables (Introductory Price: $5.90)
  4. Curry Fish with Red Rice* (Introductory Price: $4.90)
  5. Wholemeal Spaghetti Chicken Bolognese* (Introductory Price: $3.90)
  6. Roasted Cajun Chicken and Potatoes with French Beans (Introductory Price: $4.90)
  7. Thai Basil Baked Fish with Red Rice and Seasonal Vegetables(Introductory Price: $3.90)

Chef’s Finest Ready Meals Menu

All Chef’s Finest™ meals are Lower in Sodium.

  1. Rendang Chicken with Turmeric Rice and Cabbage (Introductory Price: $3.90)
  2. Rosemary Chicken with Roasted Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables (Introductory Price: $4.90)
  3. Singapore Laksa (Introductory Price: $4.90)
  4. Braised Beef Brisket with Pilaf Rice (Introductory Price: $4.90)
  5. Mutton Stew with Shimeji Mushrooms, Potatoes and Green Peas (Introductory Price: $6.90)

So loving what you saw thus far ? Do grab one of these convenience packs from your nearby NTUC or online right away !! Oh wait, if you are keen to start on a free sample pack too before getting any, hop onto Chef’s Finest Facebook page here for a contest giveaway too ! Good Luck !!

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