Lovely Florals from Floral Garage Singapore

Other than food and desserts, I reckon the next best love that never fails to capture a woman’s heart has to be flowers ! Of course, some may pride on diamonds as the gal’s next best friend, but on a more commoner note, flowers stands out as a more brilliant all time’s delight which will beautify anyone’s day.

Imagine waking up to a bunch of fresh florals every morning with that lovely floral scent that lingers in the air, it’s something so enjoyable that I certainly wish I can have that everyday. And so, with much thanks to the folks at Floral Garage, my little wish has come true this week. In fact, I have not one, but 3 sets of flowers that kept me brimming over the entire week !! 
Here’s how I glorify my little space with these dainty florals that not only instantly spruce up the home but also provides for much warmth to my comfort zone. A cheery Sunflower that comes with 2 eustomas and 3 roses in a little basket sets perfectly by itself at the bay window, enhancing the bedroom with much cheer and optimism. And I am loving how the entire combination actually blends so well with the concept and lifting up anyone’s spirits upon waking up to such a beautiful scene.
To some, fresh flowers maybe an exorbitant purchase as it’s something that doesn’t last long. However, at a very reasonable price of $34.90, you would be able to get a very pretty rustic bouquet that’s uniquely yours, to surprise your loved ones and having them squeal with delight ! This moment of priceless-ness, I am sure, is certainly worthwhile.In fact, I left the option of a free style bouquet entirely to the hands of the professionals at Floral Garage as I couldn’t decide what I want. And so, I was gladly pleased when I received this pastel hue bouquet in a rustic setting. To be frank, I had never received a rustic bouquet in my entire life and couldn’t really imagine how it would be but fortunately it doesn’t turn out too badly for a first time. I even went ahead to use it as little backdrop for one of the dishes that I’ve cooked over the weekend ! Can you guess what’s the dish too ? LOL. Will be sharing this recipe soon too.To have a real floral that lasts forever, or even much much longer can be very challenging. Whilst the above 2 are unable to achieve that, I make sure I’m having this mini pot of Cream colored orchid display as well so that I would still be able to have some real floral constantly within the house. With some tender loving care, I am sure this pot of orchids will continue to grow and blossom well.Hope these lovely florals have made your day like how they have perk up mine ! :)

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