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Millennium Mooncakes from Hua Ting @ Orchard Hotel unveils their Signature Snowskin & Timeless Classics for the festive


It’s that time of the year again when everyone start indulging in mooncakes of all sorts !! It’s a once a yearly affair, hence every restaurant is gearing up in a bid to outbeat the rest in the most creative and premium mooncakes to outshine each other. But to me, the packaging of the mooncakes play an utmost importance too, if not more critical than the mooncakes itself. Why is this so ? Because I realised more often than not, most of us generally do not consume a lot of mooncakes than we thought we would. Just like how when the mooncakes are brought and shared amongst colleagues in the office, each of us would generally partake a slice of it with the most of them being shared instead.

Hence, I believe to many of us, mooncakes are generally gifts thoughts for the festive. In particularly to the old folks in the families and in the corporate world, amongst the business partners and clients. As a form of respect to the elder generation and as a form of relationship building in the corporate undertaking. 

In view of such, the packaging of the mooncakes plays a pretty utmost role in the undertakings of the above mentioned. So come this festive, the award winning Hua Ting Restaurant from Orchard Hotel unveils their most premium packaging to date with a specially-designed leatherette gift box which doubles up as a meeting document bag. Dressed in an auspicious resplendent red with artful Oriental illustrations feature on its exterior and a tiffany-green zipper lend an understated elegance to its beauty and serves up as the most presentable and respected gift idea.

The intriguing snowskin variations this year’s feature the crowning jewel which is the all new Mini Cempedek with Mung Beans 绿豆菠萝蜜, on top of their artisanal creations with Green Tea Twist with Yolk 彩云蛋黄 , Blueberry with Vintage Hua Diao Wine (Low Sugar) 低糖迷你陈年花雕蓝莓  and White Lotus Paste with Champagne Ganache 白莲蓉香槟.

For those who find everything simply irresistibly tempting and unable to make up your mind on what to get, do go for the Hua Ting Mini Snowskin Treasures 精选迷你冰皮月饼 ($68 per box of 8) where you can get the best of everything !

Featuring a flavour each of the snowskin specialties, it is a prime choice for impressive gifting, perfectly suited for those who delight in newfangled pairings.

And for those who has a penchant for the traditional classics, you will also find delight in Hua Ting’s top-selling baked series which includes the White Lotus Paste (Low Sugar) 低糖白莲蓉White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk and Macadamia Nuts 单黄夏果白莲蓉White Lotus Paste with Double Yolks and Macadamia Nuts 双黄夏果白莲蓉Seeds of Harmony (Assorted Nuts) 招牌五仁 and Red Bean Paste with Melon Seeds 豆沙瓜子

Hua Ting Traditional Treasures Gift Box 精选烘培月饼礼盒 ($71 per box of 4) comprises a selections of four choice baked mooncakes, makes ideal gifting to those who enjoy these perennial classics as well.

Millennium Mooncakes by Hua Ting will be on display and available for purchase at Orchard Hotel Lobby Kiosk from 25 August to 4 October 2017, 12:00pm to 8:00pm.  To order, please call 6739 6577 or email For online purchases, please visit All prices quoted are subject to prevailing government taxes.

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