Looking for Luxurious Hotel to Stay? Let’s Ask Traveloka!

Morning, peeps! Everyone’s a morning person around here? Let’s skip the whole introductory anecdote, shall we? Today’s entry is all about hotels. Vacation mania is around the corner since we’re like almost approaching the end of the year. So, why not plan something out in advance? As they say, it is always a good idea to plan something in advance. Before we get to the reading part, are you guys familiar with Traveloka? You know, they were like one of the SEA Games 2017 sponsor the other day? If you haven’t know about them already, they’re this big shot online travel agency that provides both flights and hotel booking in their service. Since we are talking about hotels, I thought, heh might as well use Traveloka as the platform for it and share it with you guys! This is like a review-ish thing, so, shall we? I have enlisted for you, my wonderful readers, three of the best luxurious hotels Traveloka has presented on the computer screen for your choosing. I’m narrowing down the area to Subang because… Well, because I’m in the mood to talk about hotels in Subang. So, here are the nominees for Best Luxurious Hotels In Subang (See me going all Emmy-like? By the way, have you watched it?); (1) Empire Hotel Subang, (2) Holiday Villa Hotel & Suite Subang and (3) The Club Saujana Resort. Grand VIP treatment hotel experience eva!

Empire Hotel Subang

This four-star hotel is grandeur in its own way. I mean, come on, just look at the building! The design is architecturally slayin’. What is content without research? So I did mine based on the empire hotel Subang Jaya reviews online, the people who have stayed there give out quite decent stuff. They said this hotel provides great hospitality and crazy delicious food. I don’t know about you, but I’m sold at “delicious food”. Traveloka has reserved some of the best deals on Empire Hotel Subang that makes it easier for you to book empire Subang Jaya at great price. I just realized I used so many empire hotel subang there. Oh well, emphasizing is always a good thing. When you see the interior, you’ll bound to be amazed cause there’s a freakin’ music stage and the banquet-ish hall is like walking into the Twilight Zone. Not only that, but it’s right next to the shopping mall. Dude, if a shopping mall is next door, who wouldn’t want it?

Holiday Villa Hotel & Suite Subang

This is also a four star hotel located along Jalan SS 12/1 (if you’re planning to find it). The building looks very unique and sits right by the Subang Lake. Getting an ocean in the middle of the city-like district is pretty hard, but the lake is not a mood-turner because it’s very beautiful. From the rooms, you can see directly at the lake. There is no better view than that if you ask me. The pool is also facing the lake and they have kiddie pools too, so, if you are staying with your family and kids, they won’t be bored out of their minds throughout your stay. The Sunway Lagoon Theme Park is also not that far from here. It’s about 1 km or so. This hotel receives relatively good review too in Traveloka, which means, it’s worth the stay.

The Club Saujana Resort

Host of wonderful food in town, this five star hotel know how to live up to their reputation. Food is essential when you’re out on a holiday, right? The Club Saujana Resort have one of the best dining places with various menus. They have Italian-themed food and pastries of many variations for your choosing.  Based on the reviews I made the liberty of reading up (research is gold, man!), this hotel was highly praised for its food like the Mini Beef Burgers and the Club Sandwich. Foodies might be interested in trying out this place too. Other than that, they also have a grand facilities on their plate for sports, recreation, fitness and entertainment. You should see the pool. Damn, the pool is beautiful. It’s a freakin’ olympic-sized pool, man. You and your family will definitely enjoy family picnic by the lake. You heard me, it’s close to the lake too!

And there you have it! The top 3 best recommended hotels in Subang by the one and only, Traveloka themselves – and of course, yours truly. Be sure to check more from their site because I was running out of fumes to browse through the tons of hotels they provide. Have a great day, peeps and don’t forget to take your family and friends on a holiday of a lifetime!

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