Easy Sambal Kangkong with Way Sambal Sauce

As much as I love my own home-made sambal sauce as you can see from my recipe here, but the grease and cleaning up thereafter sometimes taunt me. A pity I doesn’t have a helper to assist with the cleaning up and being a neat freak for cleanliness, the amount of laborious effort taken to clean up the entire kitchen can be more time consuming than the cooking or eating itself. And having an open concept kitchen is making it worse, because that simply means I gotta clean up the entire hall area too ! So sometimes I will adopt the cheat way of cooking as well, by using store bought sauces, and in particular sambal sauce. Sambal sauce is very versatile and if you are a spice lover like myself, I am sure it has to be a ready must-have in your kitchen pantry. You can use it in grilled seafood, to serve with rice, or simply cook it with some kang kong (water spinach).Way sauces recently launch a series of Asian flavours which pride themselves as one who does not include chemical additives and preservatives at all in their sauces. And this is a close fact that I am very much in line with as well. Something that’s as close as home-cooked but without the use of artificial if in anyway possible. Especially when they are used in our everyday cooking, anything that’s without much of these chemicals will definitely enhance healthiness and garner a greater support. With that, I used Way’s Sambal Sauce and stir up a quick Sambal Kang Kong. The spice was good and it wasn’t too greasy for my preference. I added a touch of finely minced dried prawns as well to beef up the aroma and all in all, I must agree that the sauce was true up to its name because it didn’t get me thirsty at all after eating !Way Sauces can be found mainly in NTUC supermarkets, at the locations listed here ! And in addition to Sambal, they also carries other range of other sauces as well, including Beef Rendang, Chicken Curry, Briyani, etc ! So do keep a lookout at for their range when you go for your next groceries shopping at NTUC the next time ! :)

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