Easy Mee Rebus using Wang Newly Launched Local Food Pastes

I think we are pretty fortunate in our generation in the sense that we can enjoy much of our local delights in the comfort of our home now especially with the readiness of many awesome food pastes that’s made ready to our convenience. It’s essentially like you don’t even need to step out of the house, you can still delight yourself in all the much assorted and sought after hawker favorites. Especially if you were to cook these dishes traditionally, they will probably take you half of the day to do it, but with pre-packed pastes from Wang, easy peasey does it all.

All of us are not foreign to Wang, a local home classic cafe which beefs up our traditional toasts and la-kopi delights. And being our local home cafe, Wang also boosts a few of our  local favorites classics, namely the Mee Rebus, Mee Siam, Laksa and Chicken Curry. And because these cuisines have been so popular with diners, Wang has generously churned out these popular classics into a convenient paste form so that all of its fans can now feast on the same acquired taste from home now !

With that, I utilize one of the flavors that was offered to determine how close it is to what’s offered in the cafe or even our local taste buds. First of all, I must say that the cooking was indeed a breeze. All that you gotta do was to add water and thickening and blanch the noodles and whatever condiments desired. 

The taste is fabulously likened to the traditional taste buds and totally live up to (my) expectations! One small pack of paste easily allows you to prepare for up to 4 servings. And all in all, it’s also so much economical preparing this for the entire family at one go. Despite having the Mee Rebus as an in-between meal breaks, I polished up one entire serving of it easily in less than 10 minutes. LOL. Well, you can judge for yourself how gluttony I am or how tempting the Mee Rebus is !

Although the cooking instructions is quite specific and self explanatory on the back of the packaging, here’s a pictorial one in case you need anything like this.

Hope you enjoyed this Mee Rebus as much as I do !  

Thank you to NTUC Foodfare for presenting me with the premix sauces ! 

Easy Mee Rebus using Wang Newly Launched Local Food Pastes
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 3-4
  • 1 pack of Wang Mee Rebus Paste (as per instructions on packaging)
  • 3-4 servings of yellow noodles
  • 3-4 hard boiled eggs
  • some water
  • some beansprouts
  • some taupok, diced
  • some red and green chillies, diced
  • some limes, cut into halves

For Thickening:
  • 2 tsp corn flour + 2 tbsp of water (alternatively, you can follow instructions on the packaging.)
  1. Heat up the water in a deep pot till it boils.
  2. Add in the mee rebus paste and stir to mix well.
  3. When the sauce starts to boil, add in the thickening mixture.
  4. At the same time, blanch the yellow noodles, bean sprouts and taupok in some boiling water and drained well.
  5. When the sauce thickens, off the flame.
  6. Serve with hard boiled eggs, red and green chillies and limes.


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