StraitsKitchen @ Grand Hyatt Singapore whips up Sumptuous Buffet Menu for Ramadan Special

Thanks to the folks at Grand Hyatt, I finally get to try the buffet at StraitsKitchen, probably quite the only one that I have yet to devour from the hotel group amongst all the rest. And what makes this buffet so special this time compared to the usual moments includes marking the season of Ramadan where the Halal kitchen serves up more exotic and festive food in cheer for the celebration.

And what makes me so enticed to try out the Straits Kitchen is much due to the local spread made available and compared to the International spread, this buffet is definitely more appealing to my pretty Asian and local taste bud.

Encased in quite a number of live stations, dining at Straits Kitchen embodies a lively atmosphere where you get to feast your eyes on several local delights being prepared on the spot right before you. Not sure why too, but I was much enchanted by the live Popiah section, where the lady behind the scene gripples with preparing several popiahs at one go with very routine skills.

The top favourite on my list of to eat from Straits Kitchen has to be the Roast Duck. That’s absolutely no denial about it. And you should definitely give it a try if you are here. In fact, I had as much as 3 servings of it, much to the astonishment of myself too. The duck has a crispy skin, atad similar to that of the Beijing Duck yet comprises a rich flavour of the Cantonese style of Roast Duck too.

And because it is Ramadan, a varied gastronomic menu will be highlighted for every week in the entire month. The month commences with the Arabian and Middle Eastern fare week where Arab-style grill mix such as the charcoal grilled meats and seafood and traditional desserts from the Middle East are available to whet your appetite.

In fact, I would very much love to address Straits Kitchen as a Racial Harmony restaurant, where it features the food culture of essentially every race in Singapore. From the most populated Chinese cuisine, Peranakan Nonya Kuehs, tempting Malay-Indonesian dishes, curry-matic Indian delights to our very own local signatures such as that of the Chilli crabs, no one and nothing is being missed.

And for those who might feel they are missng out anything from the generic International spread that we might be so accustomed to in buffets, towers of live oysters, blanched fresh prawns and sushis are still in sight.

I know I am weird, but the next on my to-eat list has to be this Muah Chee from the desserts section. It’s chewy yet very tender, and encased in an abundance of superfine sugar peanut powder, the texture stays well that way even after they are removed from the heat. Despite being very filled from the main course already, this Muah Chee still manages to find it way somehow into my tummy for the most unknown reasons. LOL.

Prices for StraitsKitchen Iftar buffet are as follow:

Iftar dinner buffet from May 22 to June 26 2017 – Mondays to Sundays, 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

S$78++ per adult, including selected free-flowing juices, tea and coffee)

S$39++ per child (ages 7 to 12), including selected free-flowing juices, tea and coffee

For dine-in reservations, please call +65 6732 1234 or visit

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