[FOOD REVIEW] Chef’s Finest Newly Launched Oriental Toasts

My upcoming new challenge or rather new job is coming forth in just a day’s time and I am really looking forward to it !! Perhaps I have been nua-ing for too long. It’s indeed time for me to get on my feet and seriously get down to real working stuffs. And in preparation for that, I have been taking intermittent breaks now and then from the kitchen to preserve my “energy”.

So perhaps you may ask, what do I eat then if I don’t cook ? Well, that’s always the idea of convenience foods when you are craving for a quick fix. And with much thanks to the folks at NTUC Foodfare, I got to try out 2 of their newly launch Oriental toast flavours under their housebrand – the Chef’s Finest series. They are the Chicken Chau Siew and Teriyakai Chicken respectively.

Coming in a box of 2 and retailing at the price of $7.50 per box, and looking very much like pizzas but are instead termed as toast, because they come in shapes of toasts instead of the usual round pizzas that we often spot around. All it takes is a good 9 minutes of baking time, these energy fuelling toasts are bound to whet your appetite with their bounty meats and savoury cheese.

Chicken Char Siew offers sweet, savoury chicken bits, topped with abundance mozzarella cheese whilst the Teriyaki Chicken combines succulent chunks of grilled chicken coated with oriental teriyaki sauce, both being offered on crispy yet soft toast.

One of the reasons I much prefer these so-called pizza “toasts” that doesn’t come in traditional pizza rounds is that they tend to be much smaller in sizes and allows for one to two people to polish them off easily, making it a readily infamous convenient food anytime. Especially when you have those late night supper cravings and yet do not want to overeat, these pizza toasts are ideally packed to the rescue.

These Oriental Pizza Toasts are currently available at all Fairprice Supermarkets including FairPrice Xtra and FairPrice Finest, so be sure to look out for one when you are on your groceries shopping trip at the supermarket!!

Enjoy !!

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