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Hi readers! Today I’d like to share with you a little bit about printing service that I find super easy and cost effective for me. As you guys know, I have been running the blog and an online cookies business by “Chunky Cooky” concurrently. In the midst of all these, I do need quite a number of printing jobs going in order to market the brand whenever I attended events or weekend markets. Hence, I am really appreciative when Gogoprint approached me and offering to take on the task.

After a huge success of Gogoprint in Thailand now Gogoprint has expanding to Malaysia and recently starts operating in Singapore. The company was founded in October 2016. Gogoprint Singapore offers variety of products such as business cards, flyers, brochures, tags, wedding cards, stickers, postcards etc. Gogoprint is an online based printing service and it offers FREE delivery all over Singapore. Everything can be done online and the ordering process is really simple.

Let’s say I choose to print business card. So here are the steps to follow :).

Then you may go to “Products” then click on business cards (or any products you’d like to print)

After selecting your product, you may choose the format, paper type and type of finishing you want. Format size 9×5.4 cm is the most popular choice among customers and suggested by Gogoprint. You may choose to print both sides or one side only.

Next step, you may choose quantity you want to print and delivery speed. If it is urgent you may go for 24 hours production. Everything is well stated, the production time and price There’s no hidden charge. Gogoprint incites price transparency. It offers a broad range of products on qualitative paper, with premium refinements. Instantly view prices in the configurator!

After selecting your products, please check everything like total amount to be paid before proceed to checkout and delivery date.

Now here we come to payment part. There are few payment options. You may choose which one you prefer the most. Don’t forget to fill up your billing address!

And lastly, after payment you may upload your artwork. Then, you’ll receive your order number by email :).

So, if any of you need printing service you can check out the website Gogoprint for more details. The ordering process is easy peasy.

So do hop onto Gogoprint for all your printing solutions today ! Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

Website: https://www.gogoprint.sg/

Email: info@gogoprint.sg

Phone No: tel:+65 3159 0484


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